Bill Gates – grinden till ett annorlunda rike

Dagens artikel återger oförkortat The Defenders  utlägg av Robert F Kennedy J:rs sammanfattning av Bill Gates och hans hustru Melindas verksamhet i syfte att lägga vår värld under sin egen personliga kontroll. Artikeln är så viktig och fundamental för förståelsen av pågående omdaning av världen att den måste få en permanent plats även här på min blogg. Texten är lång, men kan läsas efter hand som man orkar ta till sig innehållet. Jag återger den av praktiska skäl på originalspråket, det klarar de flesta.

Jag brukar inte återge bibeltexter, men i detta fallet kan man nog säga att man får en hundraprocentig träff på bibelns texter om Antikrist. Det är svårt att bortse ifrån. Jag inleder därför med Aktiv Kristendoms definitioner på begreppet Antikrist, så får läsaren själv utvärdera kopplingen:

”Antikrist är motsatsen till Kristus. Precis som Jesus kom till jorden för att göra Guds vilja kommer Antikrist för att göra Satans vilja. Han kommer att vara Satan uppenbarad i en mans skepnad.”

”Namnet Antikrist har genom tiderna varit synonymt med ondska, men sanningen är att när han till sist uppenbaras, kommer människor inte att känna igen honom för vad han är. Han kommer inte att framstå som något motbjudande; tvärtom kommer han att vara någon som är duktig och ambitiös i att lösa världens problem. Han kommer främja det som redan håller på att bli realitet; att världen kan bli ett paradis skapat av människorna själva, utan Gud. Världen kommer att tro att med Antikrist vid rodret kan mänskligheten uträtta vad som helst.”

Därmed över till Kennedys text:

Bill Gates and Neo-Feudalism: A Closer Look at Farmer Bill

Bill Gates has quietly made himself the largest owner of farmland in the United States. For a man obsessed with monopoly control, the opportunity to also dominate food production must seem irresistible.

“Gates has a Napoleonic concept of himself, an appetite that derives from power and unalloyed success, with no leavening hard experience, no reverses.” — Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson, presiding judge in the Gates/Microsoft antitrust-fraud case

The global lockdowns that Bill Gates helped orchestrate and cheerlead have bankrupted more than 100,000 businesses in the U.S. alone and plunged a billion people into poverty and deadly food insecurity that, among other devastating harms, kill 10,000 African children monthly — while increasing Gates’ wealth by $20 billionHis $133 billion fortune makes him the world’s fourth wealthiest man.

Gates has been using that newfound cash to expand his power over global populations by buying devalued assets at fire-sale prices and maneuvering for monopoly control over public healthprivatizing prisonsonline education and global communications while promoting digital currencieshigh tech surveillancedata harvesting systems and artificial intelligence.

For a man obsessed with monopoly control, the opportunity to also dominate food production must seem irresistible.

According to the newest issue of The Land Report, Gates has quietly made himself the largest owner of farmland in the United States. Gates’ portfolio now comprises about 242,000 acres of American farmland and nearly 27,000 acres of other land across Louisiana, Arkansas, Nebraska, Arizona, Florida, Washington and 18 other states.

Thomas Jefferson believed that the success of America’s exemplary struggle to supplant the yoke of European feudalism with a noble experiment in self-governance depended on the perpetual control of the nation’s land base by tens of thousands of independent farmers, each with a stake in our democracy.

So at best, Gates’ campaign to scarf up America’s agricultural real estate is a signal that feudalism may again be in vogue. At worst, his buying spree is a harbinger of something far more alarming — the control of global food supplies by a power-hungry megalomaniac with a Napoleon complex.

Let’s explore the context of Gates’ stealth purchases as part of his long-term strategy of mastery over agriculture and food production globally.

Beginning in 1994, Gates launched an international biopiracy campaign to achieve vertically integrated dominion over global agricultural production. His empire now includes vast agricultural lands and hefty investments in GMO cropsseed patents, synthetic foods, artificial intelligence including robotic farm workers, and commanding positions in food behemoths including Coca-Cola, Unilever, Philip Morris (KraftGeneral Foods), Kellogg’sProcter & Gamble and Amazon (Whole Foods), and in multinationals like Monsanto and Bayer that market chemical pesticides and petrochemical fertilizers.

As usual, Gates coordinates these personal investments with taxpayer-subsidized grants from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the richest and most powerful organization in all of international aid, his financial partnerships with Big AgBig Chemical, and Big Food, and his control of international agencies — including some of his own creation — with awesome power to create captive markets for his products.

Former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, a protégé and partner to David Rockefeller, observed that, “Who controls the food supply controls the people.” In 2006, the Bill & Melinda Gates and Rockefeller Foundations launched the $424 million Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA) promising to double crop productivity and boost incomes for 30 million small farmers by 2020 while cutting food insecurity in half.

Characteristically, Gates’ approach to global problems put technology and his chemical, pharmaceutical and oil industry partners at the center of every solution. As it turned out, Gates’ “innovative strategy” for food production was to force America’s failed system of GMO, chemical and fossil fuel-based agriculture on poor African farmers.

African agricultural practices have evolved from the land over 10,000 years in forms that promote crop diversity, decentralization, sustainability, private property, self-organization and local control of seeds. The personal freedom inherent in these localized systems leaves farm families making their own decisions: the masters on their lands, the sovereigns of their destinies. Continuous innovation by millions of small farmers maximized sustainable yields and biodiversity.

In his ruthless reinvention of colonialism, Gates spent $4.9 billion dollars to dismantle this ancient system and replace it with high-tech corporatized and industrialized agriculture, chemically dependent monocultures, extreme centralization and top-down control. He forced small African farms to transition to imported commercial seedspetroleum fertilizers and pesticides.

Gates built the supply chain infrastructure for chemicals and seeds and pressured African governments to spend huge sums on subsidies and to use draconian penalties and authoritarian control to force farmers to buy his expensive inputs and comply with his diktats. Gates made farmers replace traditional nutritious subsistence crops like sorghum, millet, sweet potato and cassava with high-yield industrial cash crops, like soy and corn, which benefit elite commodity traders but leave poor Africans with little to eat. Both nutrition and productivity plummeted. Soils grew more acidic with every application of petrochemical fertilizers.

As with Gates’ African vaccine enterprise, there was neither internal evaluation nor public accountability. The 2020 study “False Promises: The Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA)” is the report card on the Gates’ cartel’s 14-year effort. The investigation concludes that the number of Africans suffering extreme hunger has increased by 30 percent in the 18 countries that Gates targeted. Rural poverty has metastasized dramatically, and the number of hungry people in these nations has risen to 131 million.

Under Gates’ plantation system, Africa’s rural populations have become slaves on their own land to a tyrannical serfdom of high-tech inputs, mechanization, rigid schedules, burdensome conditionalities, credits and subsidies that are the defining features of Bill Gates’ “Green Revolution.”

The only entities benefiting from Gates’ program are his international corporate partners — and particularly Monsanto, in which the Gates Foundation Trust purchased 500,000 shares worth $23 million in 2010 (but later divested those shares after pressure from civil society groups). Gates himself even filmed commercials for Monsanto’s GMOs, touting them as the “solution” to world hunger.

In a typical example of Gates’ strange largess, his foundation apparently made his taxpayer-subsidized “charitable” grants amounting to $10 million to the Big Ag behemoth, Cargill, to build his supply chains for GMO soy in South Africa. Africans call Gates’ program “Neocolonialism” or “Corporate Colonialism.”

The AGRA Watch initiative of Seattle-based Community Alliance for Global Justice follows Gates’ agricultural and food policies. “The Gates Foundation and AGRA claim to be “pro-poor” and “pro-environment,” but their approach is closely aligned with transnational corporations, such as Monsanto, and foreign policy actors like USAID [United States Agency for International Development]. They take advantage of food and global climate crises to promote high-tech, market-based, industrial agriculture and generate profits for corporations even while degrading the environment and disempowering farmers. Their programs are a form of philanthrocapitalism based on biopiracy.”

Gates’ climate activism (A memo to my environmental colleagues)

To cloak his dystopian plans for humanity in benign intentions, Gates has expropriated the rhetoric of “sustainability,” “biodiversity,” “good stewardship” and “climate.” These causes are all grim realities that pose existential threats to our children and require urgent attention. However, Gates’ record exposes his benevolent intentions as masquerades for his agenda to maximize personal profit and control.

It’s baffling to me how so many of my friends in the environmental movement have swallowed Gates’ chicanery. In my 40 years as a climate activist, I saw zero evidence of Gates’ funding of genuine climate advocacy; the Gates Foundation is AWOL in the climate wars.

The leading climate groups, National Resource Defense Council, Environmental Defense Fund, Sierra Club, Greenpeace, Waterkeepers, etc., receive virtually nothing from the world’s largest philanthropy. His investment history suggests that the climate crisis, for Gates and his cronies, is no more than an alibi for intrusive social control, “Great Reset”-scale surveillance, and massive science fiction geoengineering boondoggles, including his demented and terrifying vanity projects to spray the stratosphere with calcium chloride or seawater to slow warming, to deploy giant balloons to saturate our atmosphere with reflective particles to blot out the sun, or his perilous gambit of releasing millions of genetically modified mosquitoes in South Florida.

When we place these nightmare schemes in context alongside the battery of experimental vaccines he forces on 161 million African children annually, it’s pretty clear that Gates regards us all as his lab rats.

Gates has also heeded Kissinger’s advice, “Control oil and you control nations;” his energy holdings nowhere reflect his expressed antipathy for greenhouse gases. Gates’ personal investments in hydrocarbons include massive stakes in all the oil majors: Exxon, Chevron, ConocoPhillips and Shell. He owns the world’s largest private jet company. His outsized commitment to coal includes giant investments in the dirtiest coal-generating fleets including the Canadian National Railway and CSX Richmond which is the largest coal transporter east of the Mississippi River. Gates is betting big on the future of carbon.

Gates’ energy-hungry data harvesting, processing and analytics centers are among the world’s fastest-growing sources of exploding energy demand. And, of course, Gates’ chemical/industrial agriculture enterprises are the antithesis of climate-friendly. His GMO corn requires heavy applications of fertilizers, pesticides, agro-chemicals made from natural gas and other fossil-fuel inputs. He effectively forced Africans, in Michael Pollan’s words, to “eat oil.” African farmers call Gates’ program “climate-stupid agriculture.

Gates has learned to fatten himself on global crises, whether it’s pandemics, climate, famine or mass extinction. Climate change has given Gates an excuse to create monopolies over seed, food and agriculture.

In 2008, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation announced $306 million in grants to promote high-yield sustainable agriculture among smallholder farmers in sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia. The foundation’s plans included creation, through genetic manipulation, of high-production, drought-resistant dairy cows, and the development and proliferation of super crops resistant to climate change.

In other words, climate change was the guise for more mischievous geoengineering. Meanwhile, Gates’ ag policies are destroying our planet’s climate systems, pushing millions of species to extinction, desertifying the soil, destroying water systems and enriching the Poison Cartel.

So, a note to my fellow environmental leaders: Bill Gates is not our amigo! Furthermore, Gates has put climate reform in malodour with millions of Americans, who see his climate pretenses in context of his ambitions to control humanity and put an end to economic activity and personal freedom.

It’s largely Gates’ doing that half of America sees climate change as either a “Great Reset” flimflam to shift wealth upward, or a geoengineering boondoggle. It’s on them that they don’t recognize the serious peril of climate change. It’s on us that we seem deliberately blinded to the peril of Bill Gates.

Gates profits from all this confusion; the polarization of the climate debate paralyzes reform efforts thereby preserving the value of his carbon stakes. We all need to recognize who is really behind that Green mask!


“A nation that destroys its soils destroys itself.” — President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s letter to all state governors, February 1937

Long experience and research have shown that agroecology based on biodiversity, Seed Freedom and Food Freedom is essential not just to civil liberties and democracy, but to the future of food and farming.

For thousands of years, farmers’ innovation and biodiversity evolved together to create the most efficient practices for sustainable food production and biodiversity. The United Nations’ seminal 2009 study by the International Assessment of Agricultural Knowledge, Science and Technology for Development (IAASTD) documents the incontrovertible evidence demonstrating the abject failure of the Gates/Rockefeller “Green Revolution” to improve on traditional agriculture.

IAASTD deployed a team of 900 leading scientists, agronomists, and researchers to study the issue of world hunger. Their comprehensive and definitive report showed that GMO crops are not the answer to food shortfalls or rural poverty. That report definitively concludes that neither Gates’ Green Revolution nor his GMOs can feed the world and at the same time protect the planet.

IAASTD’s comprehensive analysis demonstrates that the Green Revolution that the Rockefeller Foundation launched in India and Mexico in the 1960s was a catastrophe; the chemical path of monocultures has undermined Earth’s capacity to support life and food production by destroying biodiversity, soil and water, as well as contributing to climate change.

Green Revolution policies subvert food and nutritional security, and dispossess small farmers through debt for external inputs. IAASTD and numerous other studies show that Seed SovereigntyFood Sovereignty and Knowledge Sovereignty are the only viable future for food and farming. The United Nations and the world’s top agricultural scientists have admitted that GMOs cannot fight hunger as effectively as traditional farming.

Bill Gates has opted to ignore this reality, dismissing science-based evidence in favor of his messianic faith that he is ordained by God to save the world with technology. According to Dr. Gates, M.D., good health only comes in a syringe (he is the world’s biggest vaccine producer).

Likewise, Farmer Bill preaches that good food only comes from monocultures, chemical pesticides and fertilizers, GMO crops and patented seeds that he happens to own. In constructing his agriculture empire, Gates has repeatedly shown himself willing to ignore the voices of scientists and farmers, and to trample laws, treaties, traditions, civil rights, science, and sensibilities.

Stealing seeds

Since the onset of the Neolithic Revolution some 10,000 years ago, farmers and communities have worked to improve yield, taste, nutrition, robust seed qualities that enhance peculiar growth, medicinal and nutritional attributes, and the genetic resilience that allows certain seeds to flourish in particular soil and water conditions or resist predators.

These vigorous, ingenious genetics are the products of a miraculous collaboration between humans, nature and their Creator during humanity’s 1,000 generations of intense agricultural innovation. The free exchange of knowledge and seeds among farmers has been the basis for maintaining biodiversity and food security.

Since 1979, under World Bank auspices, a consortium of agricultural research centers known as the Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR) has been collecting these premier seeds from small farmers across the globe and preserving them in 15 independent Public Seed Banks stationed in different countries. That venture sought to archive a complete inventory of heritage seed stocks for the benefit of all humanity so as to preserve crop diversity for the millennia.

In the last 17 years, Gates has successfully maneuvered to gain control of those collections — comprising 768,578 seeds — and to assert monopoly ownership of the world’s premier seed inventories.

Beginning in 2003, working in coordination with the Rockefeller Foundation, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation pumped $720 million into CGIAR’s Seed Bank project. As the largest funder of the CGIAR, Gates used his financial leverage to force the merger of the CGIAR’s 15 legally independent centers into one legal entity, a sinister initiative that he calls “Gates Ag One.” He then moved to orchestrate the transfer of research and seeds from scientific research institutions to commodity-based corporations like Bayer and Cargill with which he partners. In this way he is raiding, plundering and privatizing the seed stockpile for the most promising seeds from indigenous farmers around the world.

Gates Ag One’s director, Joe Cornelius, is a former executive at Bayer Crop Science. Prior to that, he was Monsanto’s Director of International Development. Working with Cornelius, Gates has perfected the techniques Monsanto pioneered in the 1980s when it led the push to propagate GMOs, and to patent seeds. Gates has made himself the Commanding General in Big Data’s pirate war to plunder and monopolize the common genomic data of millions of plants bred by peasants over the millennia.

Gates funds Diversity Seek (DivSeek), a global project he launched in 2015 to map the genomes and genome sequences of the peasant seed stocks held in seed banks. DivSeek and Gates Ag One are the tips of his spears, “mining” seed data to “censor” out the commons. In other words — to terminate the public’s ownership claims.

Using artificial intelligence (AI) and digital technologies, Gates’ minions at DivSeek and Gates AG One scan these seeds and categorize their genetic data to map, patent and pilfer humanity’s global seedstock heritage. Gates bolsters his patent rationale by using CRISPR technology to selectively edit the heritage seed genomes, making changes sufficient to withstand patent challenges.

Gates’ principal objective is to breed Green Revolution varieties engineered to respond to chemical inputs produced by Gates’ “Poison Cartel” partners: Monsanto, Bayer, Dow/DuPont, CropLife, BASF, Syngenta, Corteva, etc. In short, Gates deliberately robs the seed of its integrity and diversity, erasing evolutionary history and its links to the soil, reducing it all to a simple “code.” In this way, Gates captures our planet’s genetic diversity, rewrites it, patents its code, steals the seeds from humanity and marries them off to the chemical conglomerates.

By centralizing the Seed Banks and manipulating intellectual property laws, Gates has launched a campaign of “genetic colonialism” to rob the world’s peasants and indigenous farmers of their hard-earned seeds and knowledge.

“Gates Ag One’s aim is to take control over the genetic diversity of this planet,” agricultural freedom activist Dr. Vandana Shiva told me. According to Shiva, Gates “continues to subvert and sabotage both farmers’ seed sovereignty and the seed sovereignty of countries. ‘Gates Ag One’ is a clear declaration of his intent to create an empire over life and biodiversity, over food and farming, and over our sustenance.” In the process, says Shiva, “Gates is financing infernal Frankenstein experiments that defile God’s creation.”

Citizens, governments and farm organizations have written many laws and governments have adopted international treaties on biodiversity protection, including the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) and the Cartagena Biosafety Protocol to the CBD. By conning government officials, manipulating intellectual property law and rewriting seed regulations, Gates has been able to bypass or trample these statutes and treaties, and to evade the multilateral governance structures that governments put in place to prevent global corporations from hijacking the planet’s biodiversity and the seed commonwealth of peasants and farmers.

Genetically modified organisms (GMOs)

Gates’ missionary faith in technology as the solution for every human ill, from food insecurity and disease to climate health, explains his obsessive promotion of GMOs. Gates’ zealous GMOs idolatry and gene-editing technologies leave him deaf to the mountains of peer-reviewed scientific evidence and warnings by agronomists, nutritionists, toxicologists and other scientists who question their safety.

GMO vaccines and medicines are mainstays of his public health enterprise, and Gates finances research, development and proliferation of GMOs as the fix for every agricultural problem. He funded, for example, Emmanuelle Charpentier and Jennifer Doudna, the two CRISPR chemists who won 2020 Nobel prizes for gene editing.

Gates was also one of the largest shareholders of Monsanto — the world’s most aggressive promoter of GMOs and pesticides. The central mission of Gates Ag One is to fly into the face of virtually every independent science and safety assessment in a blind rush to impose Gates’ untested GMOs, patented seeds, synthetic foods and experimental medicines on humanity.

One might expect his Monsanto stake and his partnerships with processed food, chemical and oil companies to discredit Gates’ pretensions as a public health advocate. But Gates’ massive investments in media journalism (a March 2020 Nation magazine exposé reveals the Gates Foundation has bought Gates guarantees of favorable coverage with $250 million in grants to media outlets including NBC/Universal, BBC, NPR, The Guardian, Le Mond, Al Jazeera, and others “to influence the news”) have insulated him from the scrutiny and skepticism the media historically applied to fiendish profiteering schemes and rank hypocrisy by power-mad billionaires.

Money talks, and the billions that Gates and his pharma allies annually pour into public and commercial journalism have instead made Gates the media’s chief darling. He uses his biweekly “satellite tours” of leading cable and network news shows to showcase his mesmerizing power to command softball questioning and fawning deference from obsequious hosts (with the exception of Norah O’Donnell) including Anderson Cooper (CNN), David Muir (ABC), Ari Melber (MSNBC), and Chuck Todd (NBC), who gratefully entertain his lofty prognostication on topics ranging from public health to the economy and agriculture policy.

Evading government regulation

Gates’ wealth and power also allow him to evade government efforts to regulate GMO proliferation. In 2011, when India introduced a moratorium on Gates’ genetically modified Bt Cotton and Roundup Ready crops, Gates shifted his operations to Bangladesh. When the European Court of Justice ruled that gene-edited organisms and GMOs must be heavily regulated to protect public health, Gates launched a lobbying campaign for deregulation across the European community.

Gates is currently deploying his billions to orchestrate attacks against GMO and gene editing laws in many of the countries that have imposed safety standards. When scientists and regulators plead that time is essential to accurately assess the safety of gene editing and GMOs, Gates declares that “Time is the enemy!”

In 2017, a German human rights group, Heinrich Böll Stiftung (HBS), published evidence of a Gates’ secretive campaign to evade democratically imposed restraints on his high-risk gene manipulation experiments. HBS released more than 1,200 emails the group obtained under U.S. Freedom of Information laws. Those documents show that the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation hired a shady Big Ag/Biotech spy and propaganda outfit to mount an undercover espionage attack aimed at corrupting United Nations officials and sabotaging international efforts to ban a diabolical new technology called “gene drive.”

Gene drives are at the cutting edge of genetic engineering, synthetic biology and gene editing. They are the tools of choice for eugenicists and for those seeking to build the technocratic “transhuman future” championed by Gates and his Silicon Valley cronies.

Scientists use CRISPR technology to edit genes into an organism’s chromosomes to reprogram DNA to switch off the normal rules of genetic inheritance and “drive” the artificially introduced trait through an entire population and spread it to all future generations. Their capacity to permanently alter the genome of an entire species makes gene drives the biological instrument of ultimate power.

Gene-editing technology could facilitate Gates’ schemes to create and patent new-and-improved species of plants and animals, or to exterminate species of which he disapproves. One of his aims is to use gene drives to insert “suicide genes” to eradicate entire mosquito species that spread Zika or malaria — a goal of the Target Malaria Project, in which the Gates Foundation has invested $40 millionDr. Anthony Fauci, a long-time protégé and partner of Gates and an enthusiastic cheerleader for gene drive, told StatNews, “Getting rid of them would be a blessing.”

Critics argue that gene drives pose an existential biosecurity risk to humanity due to their capacity to change or eliminate entire species and to catastrophically alter ecosystems. They are, also, the ultimate biological weapon; the most satanic minds in various military and intelligence agencies covet gene drives to breed supersoldiers or to mint “apocalypse genes.” Critics fear that nations might one day use “genocide genes” to eradicate certain races or undesirable traits.

HBS’s Gene Drive Files expose the leading role of the U.S. military in the development of gene drive technology. The U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has spent approximately $100 million researching gene drives. The other primary Gene Drive investors are Dr. Fauci’s National Institutes of Health (NIH), and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, which has invested $75 million in researching suicide and anti-fertility genes.

At the 2016 United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity (COP 13) in Cancun, 179 international organizations, including the Heinrich Böll Foundation, voted for the UN to impose a global moratorium on gene drives. The opponents of this technology also circulated a letter, “A Call for Conservation with a Conscience: No Place for Gene Drives in Conservation.” Environmentalists worry about unintended consequences if suicide or extinction genes leap species.

The Gene Drive emails reveal that in reaction to the COP 13 resolution, the Gates Foundation hired “Emerging Ag,” a sketchy espionage concern with its own sinister entanglements with Big Pharma and Big Ag, to sabotage and shut down the diverse and unified international coalition opposing gene drive.

The Gates Foundation gave Emerging Ag $1.6 million to “recruit a covert coalition of academics to manipulate the UN decision-making process over gene drives.” The emails reveal that the Gates’ campaign was part of the billionaire’s plan to “fight back against gene drive moratorium proponents.” Emerging Ag secretly mobilized some 65 allegedly “independent scientists” for hire — “Biostitutes,” in the industry vernacular — and public officials to an online expert group, the UN CBD Online Forum on Synthetic Biology. A senior executive of the Gates Foundation provided these crooked operatives with daily instructions on how to sabotage regulations, undermine the science, discredit advocates, corrupt the process, and subvert democracy.

In furtherance of its campaign, Gates simultaneously funded a 2016 report by the U.S. National Academy of Sciences endorsing gene driving. The DARPA co-funded the whitewash report with the Gates Foundation. As The Guardian noted after the release of the NAS report:

“The same US defense research agency (DARPA) who paid for the NAS study have made it known that they are going all-in on gene drive research and development of ‘robust’ synthetic organisms. There is good reason to be worried.”

As Jim Thomas of the ETC Group observed: “The fact that gene drive development is now being primarily funded and structured by the US military raises alarming questions about this entire field.”

In furtherance of its coordinated campaign with Emerging Ag, the Gates Foundation manipulated three members, who were under Gates’ control, of the relevant UN expert committee known as AHTEG (Ad Hoc Technical Expert Group) on Synthetic Biology. Gates and Emerging Ag were successful and the UN shot down the moratorium.

The Gates Foundation’s role, exposed by the Gene Drives files, in subverting the environmental movement’s campaign against this dangerous technology confirms Gates and his foundation as a rogue outlaw cartel with contempt for process, for democracy, for science, law, public opinion, public health and the safety of humanity.

Chemical warfare on human health

Mounting evidence points to the kind of industrially grown and processed foods that Gates favors as leading culprits in the chronic disease epidemics that are devastating human health and debilitating children across the globe.

The world’s most popular GMOs function to facilitate aerial spraying of pesticides. Monsanto’s technique of inserting genes to make agricultural crops resistant to weed-killing poisons allows Big Ag to fire ground-based farm workers, replacing them with airplanes (or drones) that saturate landscapes (and food) with aerosolized toxins like glyphosate and neonicotinoids.

Since the proliferation of chemical pesticides in the 1940s, more than half of American songbirds have disappeared, most of the world’s bee and insect populations have collapsed and chronic disease rates in America have risen to 54% in lockstep with increased pesticide use.

As Vandana Shiva pointed out, “Gates has declared chemical warfare not just on nature but on our body’s metabolic systems and the symbiosis in the gut microbiome with his pesticides and herbicides obsession, and his campaign to switch humanity to GMOs.”

Synthetic foods: soylent ‘Gates’

Gates’ power, profit and control agenda appears to drive his commitment to synthesize so-called “transhuman” laboratory foods and his massive investments in processed food manufacturing.

Gates calls synthetic meat “the future of food.” He holds investments in companies that make plant-based chicken, eggs and others that make food from bugs. Gates owns patents or has patents pending for over 100 animal proxies, from chicken to fish. He is invested heavily in Motif FoodWorks, a company that makes a variety of synthesized laboratory foods and ingredients. He co-founded Breakthrough Energy in 2015 with his billionaire buddies Jeff Bezos, Michael Bloomberg and Mark Zuckerberg — the so-called “Pandemic Profiteers Club.” (U.S. billionaires have increased their wealth by $1.1 trillion since the lockdown began, while the number of impoverished Americans grew by 8 million.)

That collaboration has large stakes in Beyond Meat, which they co-own with Tyson Foods and Cargill. Beyond Meat makes plant-based GMO and pesticide-laden chicken tacos. Gates and his Billionaire Boys Club also have big positions in Impossible Foods, which uses heat and pressure to produce synthetic burgers and bratwurst from GMO soy. Lab results show the company’s imitation meat contained glyphosate levels 11 times higher than its closest competitor. Seth Itzkan from Soil4Climate wrote:

“Impossible Foods should really be called ‘Impossible Patents.’ It’s not food; it’s software, intellectual property — 14 patents, in fact, in each bite of Impossible Burger. It’s IFood, the next killer app. Just download your flavor. This is its likely appeal to Bill Gates, their über investor.”

Another of Breakthrough’s ventures is Memphis Meats, which formulates an engineered meat-like tissue on a substrate of calf’s blood. A bullish Bloomberg predicts that synthetic meat revenues will reach $3.5 billion by 2026.

In June 2020, the “Breakthrough Bros” invested $3.5 million in Biomilq, a company that produces synthetic breast milk from “cultured human mammary glands and epithelial cells.” Gates has not explained whether the milk will contain the maternal antibodies — present in authentic mother’s milk — that function to protect infants from infectious diseases, or whether the coming generations of Biomilq kids will need to rely, instead, on additional batteries of Gates’ GMO vaccines.

Unimpressed, Vandana Shiva observes that Bill Gates “wants to deprive us of good, healthy proteins and fats and get us hooked on his synthetic lab-grown trash.”

Gates is the creator and largest donor to the United Nations’ subsidiary, GAVI, a faux governmental agency that he created to push his diabolical chemical, medical and food concoctions, and conduct villainous vaccine experiments on Africans and Indians. Since 2014, The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nationsfunded by the Gates Foundation in the amount of almost $850K has aggressively pushed the use of insect protein — particularly for the poor. GAVI characterizes wasps, beetles, crickets and other insects as “underutilized” food sources.

Following Gates’ lead, GAVI is optimistic that bugs will soon be an important food supplement for impoverished and undernourished children.

Perhaps in anticipation of that happy day, the Gates Foundation has invested in a South African company that makes edible protein from cultivated maggots. The company’s factory houses a billion flies and produces 22 tons of maggots daily that graze on slaughterhouse, municipal and household waste. Since markets are still immature for maggots as human food, Gates sells his maggot-meal to factory meat operations like those owned by Gates’ partner, Tyson Foods, to feed battery-caged chickens, and to large-scale fish farms, like those owned by Unilever, a $58 billion multinational, which is both a business partner to Gates and a grant beneficiary of his peculiar public charity.

As usual, Gates has also mobilized the international agencies that he controls and the large corporations with which he partners to drive his fake food agenda including, most notably, The Gates-funded World Economic Forum (WEF), which assembles the world’s billionaires in Davos each year to plan and plot out humanity’s political and economic future.

WEF’s Chairman, Klaus Schwab, is the author of the influential book, “COVID-19: The Great Reset”, which WEF has apparently mailed to most of the world’s elected officials, down to provincial executives.

Schwab makes the case that powerful people should use the COVID crisis to impose authoritarian controls, pervasive surveillance, oppressive new economic models and one-world government on a beleaguered, terrified and compliant humanity. The Great Reset is WEF’s plan to rebuild a new controlled economy systematically after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Schwab and Prince Charles unveiled “The Great Reset” at a WEF summit in May 2020. It is a vision for transferring the world into a totalitarian and authoritarian surveillance state manipulated by technocrats to manage traumatized populations, to shift wealth upward, and serve the interests of elite billionaire oligarchs. To “reset” global food policies, the WEF has promoted and partnered with an organization called EAT Forum, which describes itself as the “Davos for food.”

EAT’s co-founder is Wellcome Trust, an organization founded, funded by and strategically linked to vaccine maker GlaxoSmithKline, in which Gates is heavily invested. EAT’s biggest initiative is called FReSH, which the organization describes as an effort to drive the transformation of the food system. The project’s partners include Bayer, Cargill, Syngenta, Unilever, and tech giant Google.

The EAT Forum works with these companies to “add value to business and industry” and “set the political agenda.” To further this profit-making enterprise, EAT collaborates with nearly 40 city governments in Europe, Africa, Asia, North America, South America and Australia. The organization also assists the Gates-funded United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) in the “creation of new dietary guidelines” and sustainable development initiatives.

According to Frederic Leroy, a food science and biotechnology professor at University of Brussels, EAT network is working closely with some of the biggest imitation meat companies, including Impossible Foods and other biotech companies, to replace wholesome nutritious foods with Gates’ genetically modified lab concoctions.

“They frame it as healthy and sustainable, which of course it is neither,” Leroy told The Defender.

Dr. Shiva also scoffs at Gates’ perennial propaganda claims that his GMO meats are about feeding kids and derailing climate change:

“Lab-processed fake food is really about patenting our food, not about feeding people or saving the climate, as Gates and his fellow biotech friends pretend. EAT’s proposed diet is not about nutrition at all, it’s about big business and it’s about a corporate takeover of the food system.”

Leroy added: “Companies like Unilever and Bayer and other pharmaceutical companies are already chemical processors, so many of these companies are very well positioned to profit off of this new food business which revolves around processing chemicals and extracts needed to produce these lab-made foods on a global scale.”

Fortified foods

Synthetic and GMO foods tend to be low in the vital micronutrients that support human health. Glyphosate, for example, functions as a chelator. It kills weeds by leaching out the mineral building blocks of life. Farm crops exposed to glyphosate have far less nutritional value than natural foods.

People eating Gates’ processed, synthetic and GMO foods may have full stomachs, while being clinically malnourished. Gates is rushing to solve this problem by buying technologies and partnering with companies like Roche and Kraft that fortify foods artificially with minerals and vitamins. He is simultaneously promoting laws in developing nations to mandate food fortification. Those laws benefit pesticide and processed food companies to the disadvantage of traditional and organic farmers. Since U.S. companies, like Roche, Kraft, General Foods and Philip Morris already fortify their processed cheese and cereals, they are Gates’ enthusiastic partners in this grift.

I saw this hustle perpetrated by another Big Food swindler earlier in my career. In 2003, I was representing thousands of small-plot Polish farmers in the battle to keep Smithfield Foods’ industrial pork factories out of Poland. Poland’s Deputy Prime Minister, Andrzej Lepper, told me that Smithfield officials offered him a $1 million bribe to support a law requiring slaughterhouses to install high tech hygiene technology including laser-operated restroom faucets. Smithfield knew the law would have the effect of shuttering the 2,600 family operated abattoirs that made Poland’s signature kielbasa sausage. As the only entity that could afford the lasers, Smithfield would thereby gain monopoly control of Poland’s slaughter capacity and 100% of its lucrative kielbasa exports.

Gates took his food fortification laws from Smithfield’s playbook. By mandating that all foods be fortified, Kraft products like Cheez Whiz and American Singles, and its vitamin-fortified Kool-Aid and Tang, are positioned to displace locally produced goat cheese and goat milk in village markets and put small African farmers out of business.

To promote his mandatory fortified foods agenda, Gates created another of his useful quasi-governmental organizations, the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN) to assist multinational food companies (Gates’ business partners) in lobbying for favorable tariffs and tax rates for processed and fortified foods, and speedier regulatory review of new products in targeted countries. Gates’ GAIN consortium also gives local governments money to stimulate demand for fortified foods through large-scale public relations campaigns or by offering governmental “seals of approval” for corporate food products.

Gates, GAVI and GAIN

Gates modeled his GAIN project after his billion-dollar global vaccine program (GAVI). By masquerading as a public health agency, GAVI has successfully mobilized public agencies and private industry to profitably dump untested, experimental or discredited, and often deadly vaccines to inoculate poor children in developing nations.

Following the GAVI model, Gates launched his $70 million GAIN program at the United Nations General Assembly Special Session on Children. His collaboration includes the UN agencies Gates controls, such as the World Bankthe World Health Organization and UNICEF, and the Big Processed Food companies like Philip Morris and Kraft, in which he has investments.

According to Vandana Shiva, GAIN’s objective is to “coordinate campaigns that pressure African and Asian countries to give obscene subsidies, tax breaks and tariff exemptions and other preferences for processed foods.”

Some experts are troubled by the idea of Bill Gates and multinational food companies teaming up to colonize food systems in underdeveloped countries, and hawking processed foods under a public health banner.

Dr. Mark Hyman, the New York Times bestselling author and Head of Strategy and Innovation at the Cleveland Clinic Center for Functional Medicine, told me:

“ … despite occasionally being fortified with vitamins and minerals processed foods are loaded with sugar, starch, processed oils, artificial colors, preservatives, pesticides and sodium which contribute to the double burden of obesity and malnutrition, and the chronic disease epidemic. Globally 11 million die every year from an excess of ultra-processed foods and lack of protective whole foods, making processed food the number one killer in the world.”

Dr. Hyman calls those foods “the opposite” of nutrition. Shiva agrees. “The GAIN program,” says Shiva, “is less about solving malnutrition than a heavy-handed way to force poor nations to open access to their markets, to obliterate local producers.”

“Fortified foods are illusory technical solutions to complex socioeconomic problems. Social and economic solutions would work better in the long run,” argues Professor Marion Nestle. Nestle is the revered food and nutrition icon who occupies the Paulette Goddard Chair of Nutrition and Food Studies at New York University. Nestle, the author of Food Politics: How the Food Industry Influences Nutrition and Health, told me:

“With one exception, iodized salt, fortified foods cost too much, fail to reach their intended targets, or are too limited in scope to do what they are intended to do. I see these laws as solving a problem for the companies that make these products, not addressing nutrient and calorie deficiencies. I’m not a fan of fortified foods. I want a wide variety of real foods made more available and less expensive, and locally produced. So I would agree with the critics. I wish the Gates Foundation would invest in projects to promote small, local food production.”

Artificial intelligence: ridding the world of farmers

Gates says he wants to revive farm economies by transforming agriculture with super-efficient, high tech AI to create “farms of the future.” According to Gates:

“We used to all have to go out and farm. We barely got enough food, when the weather was bad people would starve. Now through better seeds, fertilizer, lots of things, most people are not farmers. And so AI will bring us immense new productivity.”

Above all, he wants it to work fast. Gates’ “computational acceleration” will hasten the adoption of these beneficial innovations to achieve his ambitious schemes to deliver scientific breakthroughs to small farmers before climate change destroys their yields.

But Shiva warns American farmers, already drowning in debt, to be wary of Gates’ promises to throw them a line:

“When Bill Gates forced his devilish ‘rescue’ technologies on Indian farmers, the only one to benefit was Gates and his multinational partners. He gave money to the government and a company called Digital Green and made extravagant promises to digitally transform Indian agriculture. Then with the cooperation of his purchased government officials.

“Bill Gates put cameras and electronic sensors in the homes and fields of Indian farmers. He used their cell phones, which he gave them for free, and his fiber optic and 5G installations — which he persuaded the Indian Telecom Company to finance — to catalog, study, and steal farmers’ crop data, indigenous practices, and agricultural knowledge for free. Then he sold it back to them as new data. Instead of digitally transforming farms as he promised, he transformed Indian farmers into digital information. He privatized their seeds and harvested the work of the public system. He ripped out their knowledge assets and heirloom genetics, and installed GMO seeds and other ridiculous practices.” Shiva adds, “His clear agenda was to drive small farmers from the land and eventually mechanize and privatize food production.”

Christian Westbrook, an agricultural researcher and the founder of the online podcast, “Ice Age Farmer,” takes comfort that American farmers know Gates’ history in India and Africa: “We know who Bill Gates is, and we know the mischief he made for small farmers in Mexico, Africa and India. We know that his recent land purchases here are just the start of the Green Revolution 3.0. He wants to suck out the democratic essence of America’s pastoral landscapes and our farm families — to steal our livelihoods, our knowledge, our seeds, and our land.”

Westbrook takes note of the fact that like all chiselers, Gates is always in a rush:

“His strategy is to keep everyone moving so fast they can’t see the scam. He’s always telling us that climate change can’t wait, that we need to accelerate access to these products and adoption of his technologies, that research isn’t happening fast enough.”

Westbrook told me that Gates’ endless talk about “accelerating the process” and his extravagant promises of miraculous new technologies, of “investment,” and of “public-private” partnerships, are all part of his con. “He keeps telling everyone we need to ‘accelerate, accelerate, accelerate.’”

Many farmers say they don’t care to be rescued by Gates. Westbrook says he thinks Gates intends his baronial U.S. spreads to serve as flagships — showcases for his retinue of digital technologies for American farmers. “He’s doing it for the same reasons he brought his technology to Indian farms — to steal their knowledge, and move them off the land.”

Trent Loos, a sixth-generation Midwestern rancher and farm activist, told me that farmers have a knee-jerk reaction against billionaires “playing Monopoly” with American farmland:

“It makes it difficult for young farmers or even those who have farmed for generations, to compete with such deep pockets. It certainly creates a barrier for them. When people with this type of wealth start to buy farms, it makes us wonder what they are really up to. Nobody wants to rent land from Bill Gates, or work as his sharecropper.”

Westbrook says he believes Gates is pursuing a darker agenda. Like Shiva, Westbrook believes that Gates and the other robber barons are using the pretexts of climate, biodiversity, and the zoonotic pandemic threat to get human beings out of the ag business and off the farm. And there is evidence to support him. The Gates Foundation is significantly invested in Alphabet, Google’s parent company. Alphabet has invented “crop sniffing” robots, designed to replace farmers and ranchers, as part of its “Mineral” project. Its “Moonshot” project is “developing and testing a range of software and hardware prototypes based on breakthroughs in artificial intelligence, simulation, sensors, robotics, and more.”

Within a year of purchasing Whole Foods, Jeff Bezos — Gates has a considerable investment in Amazon — also invested heavily in robot-controlled vertical farms that also minimize human involvement with farming.

Says Westbrook, “He wants to get the people off of the farms, get the animals off, and get us all eating his plant-based meats and bug protein.”

“Gates talks about farming as an archaic, quaint, dirty, dangerous, inefficient, barbarous relic from the past that threatens us by increasing the menace of climate change and the risks of global pandemics by putting humans in dangerous contact with microbes,” says Howard Vlieger, an Iowa farmer who has worked as a crop and livestock consultant in the U.S. and Canada since 1992.

Vlieger is an expert on the impacts of pesticides and GMOs on food products and soils. “Gates’ objective is to move the world “away from sustainable and humane animal agriculture that celebrates our contact with the soil and finds good health in our respectful interactions with nature — and toward artificial cows and a grim chemical paradigm that are all features of top-down dystopia. His vision is one of contaminated and unsavory foods and separation of man from nature.”

“Gates seems to have no concept of the joy that ordinary people — people like our family — take in farming,” Nicolette Niman told me. Niman is a California rancher and farmer, and the author of the books “Righteous Porkchop” and “Defending Beef.” Her husband Bill is the founder of Niman Ranch, a co-op of hundreds of small sustainable U.S. cattle and hog growers who market high-quality organic beef and pork from sustainable grass-fed operations.

Regenerative farming and ranching immeasurably enriches human lives. It’s challenging work, based upon our intimate contact with the earth. At its best, good farming is a quest to understand and follow nature’s models,” Niman said. Niman says that Gates seems to have little interest in nature’s wisdom:

“He doesn’t seem to understand that our engagement with the soil, and joy we get from our contact with the earth, our complex relationship with our animals, even with all the hardships and difficulties, are sources of our freedom and our pride, and happiness at being masters of our destinies.”

“We need to build a world that respects individual self-determination, the humane treatment of animals, and good stewardship of our soils. We need to understand that a wholesome relationship with nature is not only vital to our health and climate, it’s the source of dignity, liberty, and enrichment in our post-industrial era.”

Using wide-ranging technologies, all of these activists from various continents expressed their discomfort with Gates’ tendency to look at population, rather than people, and to see the management of population as a problem in urgent need of his technological solutions.

“Gates sees the forest, not the trees,” Vlieger observes. “And even when he looks at the forest, he only seems to see board feet of lumber — how he can leverage the landscapes for cash and commoditize people.” Vlieger continues:

“Gates’ habit of seeing every human difficulty through the lens of some technological solution from which he can profit is beyond myopic. It’s pathology — sociopathology, really. Gates is a dangerously powerful sociopath with $137 billion and a vision for a top-down technocracy. Does that worry anybody?”

Westbrook says Gates, Cargill and Tyson are a powerful cartel on a mission to end animal agriculture and drive human beings from farms. “It is ‘replacement agriculture,’” says Westbrook. “They even use that word, ‘alternative agriculture.’”

Westbrook’s view of the dystopian future of technocratic totalitarianism envisioned by Bill Gates sounds like a baseless conspiracy theory if one ignores all the evidence supporting him. He predicts that we will very soon — in months, not years — see engineered food shortages and pressures to empty and “improve” the rural landscapes by idling farmland and replacing farm jobs with robots and artificial intelligence.

Westbrook predicts government efforts to push populations toward mega cities and smart cities where businesses are closed, jobs are scarce, and most of us will rely on universal basic income paid in digital currencies — revocable, of course, in cases of noncompliance and disobedience. Westbrook predicts a scenario “where the human cattle are completely dependent on the government for money and food, and all the folks are in one place in the smart cities and they’re easily monitored by the technocrats of Gates’ Great Reset.” Westbrook continued:

“They’re shutting down food production and actually more, more broadly, they’re shutting down all economic activity, all human activity, corralling us into their smart cities. It’s pretty appalling. And now that we’ve got these pandemics, we had to implement medical martial law, and since it’s all a health crisis, we’re also going to have to take over all of your food productions and your nutritional needs. They’ve married these two things.”

Time will tell us if Westbrook’s nightmare is merely a paranoid conspiracy theory — I hope so.

Food Systems Summit

In 2009, Bill Gates, an unelected billionaire with no governmental office or diplomatic portfolio, kicked off his global vaccine enterprise with a speech to the United Nations. He announced the $10 billion donation and declared the launch of his “Decade of Vaccines.” His scheme unfolded like clockwork. Gates’ contributions secured him ironclad control over WHO. As Foreign Affairs has reported, “Few policy initiatives or normative standards set by the World Health Organization are announced before they have been casually, unofficially vetted by Gates Foundation staff.”

Gates created and funded powerful faux-governmental agencies like PATH, GAVI, CEPI, and the Brighton Collaboration, to push vaccines in developing countries, to consolidate his control over public health, and to prepare the groundwork for the global vaccine putsch he had pre-scheduled for 2020.

In January 2019, the WHO dutifully declared — citing no specific evidence — that “vaccine hesitancy” was one of the principal threats to global health. The Gates’ Medical Cartel followed that statement with orchestrated campaigns in every U.S. state and in countries around the globe by pharma-financed politicians introducing laws to mandate vaccines and end exemptions.

Two months later, the powerful House Intelligence Committee chair, Adam Schiff — yet another of Gates’ financial beneficiaries — demanded social media and media companies begin censoring “vaccine misinformation” — a euphemism for any assertion that departs from official pharma and government pronouncements. Gates has giant stakes in Google, Apple, Amazon and Facebook. Those companies all began enthusiastically censoring criticism of vaccines.

A year later, the COVID-19 outbreak provided an opportunity of convenience for Gates and his vaccine cartel to consolidate their control of humanity. A May 2020 article by Derrick Broze in The Last American Vagabond observed that, “By tracing the Foundation’s investments and Gates’ relationships we can see that nearly every person involved in the fight against COVID-19 is tied to Gates or his Foundation by two degrees or less.” Their relationship gave Bill Gates and his Foundation an unchallenged influence over the response to the pandemic.

Gates repeatedly declared, in appearances on virtually every network and cable show and on every media platform, that all economic activity must cease until all 7 billion humans were vaccinated and possessed immunization passports. His ten-year Decade of Vaccines that began with his UN appearance had gone off without a hitch. Under the leadership of Gates’ old protégé and loyalist, Fauci, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services arranged immunity from liability for COVID vaccines and committed $48 billion in taxpayer money to buy and distribute a retinue of new experimental vaccines, many of them owned by Gates.

Gates’ control of the process has been complete. His execution of his vaccine prediction was elegant and flawless. And now Gates’ surrogates are rolling out the same playbook to push through his totalitarian food agenda.

During the October 14 -18 plenary of the 46th Session of the UN Committee on World Food Security, the UN Secretary General, António Guterres, announced the convening of a UN Food Systems Summit in 2021. Guterres acknowledged that the Summit had been jointly requested by the UN Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO), the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), the World Food Programme (WFP) and the World Economic Forum (WEF). Bill Gates and his foundation generously fund and control all four organizations.

It gets worse: Guterres appointed Dr. Agnes Kalibata as Special Envoy of the UN Food Systems Summit. Kalibata is the President of Gates/Rockefeller’s AGRA program that orchestrated Gates’ notorious failed Green Revolution in Africa. Kalibata is the perfect leader to bring AGRA to the world. The Summit, she predicts, will bring together all the major stakeholders in a public-private partnership “to make food systems inclusive, climate adapted and resilient, and support sustainable peace.”

The UN Food Systems Summit effectively announced a parallel agenda to the one launched by the WEF when it hosted its Great Reset conference in June, 2020.

When Kalibata was appointed, over 500 organizations sent two letters to Secretary General Guterres calling on him to revoke Kalibata from the leadership role due to her ties to corporate actors, and expressing concern over the growing influence of transnational corporations at the UN.

In response to civil society’s demands, 12 leaders representing banks, academic institutions, and the private sector wrote a letter announcing their support of Kalibata. In their research into the UN Food Systems Summit, AGRA Watch (the grassroots advocacy group that follows Gates and his foundation’s failed Green Revolution in Africa) found that of the 12 individuals involved in the Summit, 11 have strong connections to the Gates Foundation.In some instances, these organizations were directly funded by the Gates Foundation and others Gates funded specific programs that had major roles.

Kalibata reminded Food Systems Summit participants of the urgency. They had, she said, only 10 years left to accelerate the transformation of our food systems to meet Sustainable Development Goals for climate, nutrition and pandemic response.

The UN Food Systems Summit will lay out Gates’ “Decade of Food” blueprint for the global food agenda to be completed by 2030. We can only pray that Gates’ next new health plan for humanity won’t involve the same level of traumatic violence to our civil rights, to our global economy, to the traditions of our civilization, to the idealism of democracies, and to our self-determination, that accompanied his 2020 “Decade of Vaccines.”


The Gates Foundation is not conventional philanthropy. It gives miniscule, if any, support to popular causes like the Wounded Warrior Foundation, ASPCA, environmental, or voting rights or civil rights groups.

It is a weaponized philanthropy that Gates launched in 1994 to resuscitate his reputation after the Microsoft antitrust case exposed him as a lying, cheating, thieving, manipulator intent on felonious monopoly control of global information conduits.

Gates has since invested $36 billion into the Gates Foundation, which has a value of $46.9 billion over which he and his wife exercise total control. The foundation has given away only $23.6 billion in charitable grants, and these “gifts” include billions in tax-deductible donations to companies in which Gates is invested, like Merck, GlaxoSmithKline, Novartis, Sanofi.

Gates’ brilliant mind devised this scheme to form a foundation that shelters his income, and allows him to leverage taxpayer dollars by investing the foundation’s earnings in projects that multiply his wealth and expand his power and public prestige, while avoiding taxes.

Using this structure, he can give tax-deductible donations to companies he partly owns and reap personal and foundation profits while avoiding taxes — and allowing him to hide his money in myriad ways. It’s a win-win! Gates has deployed his foundation as the embodiment of his base instincts for monopoly and control — a vehicle for ruthless philanthrocapitalism that hijacks public access and blurs the lines between corporate and public interests, cloaks private profit agendas with lofty public-spirited rhetoric and gives himself monopoly control over public health, our planet’s life support systems, our economics and people.

Gates has made his foundation a tool for consolidating the efforts of his fellow billionaires, captured regulators, and his business partners from Big Pharma, Dirty Energy, GMO food, Telecom and Big Data, and the bought and brain-dead journalists who collectively profit from the multiplying miseries of the dystopian world they have arranged for the rest of us. Gates and his cronies, toadies and minions pump up fear of pandemics, climate change, mass extinction — and offer his vision of new technologies as the salvation, which only he possesses the genius to deploy.

Even as he consolidates control over our health and food systems, Gates is promoting digitalized currencies, calling these systems a “global humanitarian priority.” (Kissinger’s final adjuration is, “Who controls money can control the world”), and is funding ground and space-based and 5G infrastructures, city-sized analytics centers, and biometric chips to mine and harvest our data and biodata and as mechanisms of surveillance, profit, and control.

Gates is planning a satellite fleet that will be able to survey every square inch of the planet 24 hours per day. Such systems will no doubt be useful should populations become restless with political and economic structures that strip citizens of power, shift wealth ever upward, and doom most of humanity to meaningless, hopeless survival.

Democracy and farm freedom advocate Dr. Vandana Shiva says that Gates’ philanthrocapitalism is a “destructive force with the potential to push the future of our planet towards extinction and ecological collapse.” Shiva accuses Gates of using philanthropic capitalism to accelerate the corporate takeover of our seed, agriculture, food, knowledge and global health systems. “He funds the manipulation of information and promotes the erosion of democracy — all in pursuit of personal power and profits.”

Shiva says the Gates Foundation has powered an “unholy alliance” between big capital, science and technology institutions and governments to establish a global empire over life, through monocultures, patents and monopolies designed to destroy the natural world of diversity, self-organization and freedom.

“You have seen the wickedness they can do with vaccines in the name of public health,” Shiva told me. “Well, now he controls the land. He controls the seed. He controls the food. He has the ultimate power to starve us all to death.”

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Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.’s reputation as a resolute defender of the environment stems from a litany of successful legal actions.

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  9. Loa says:
    Big Pharma lanserar ny kampanj: injicerar tusentals spädbarn med experimentel Covid-cocktail
    ► Moderna meddelade förra tisdag att de har påbörjat en studie där företaget nu testar sitt covid-vaccin på spädbarn från sex månader och barn upp till 12 år. Antal friska barn från USA och Kanada som ingår i studien uppges vara 6750. Varje barn kommer att få två doser med 28 dagars mellanrum… Källa: newsvoice

    Jag får total hjärtsnörp.

    • peterkrabbe says:

      De sitter tydligen så säkert i sadeln att de kan skippa djurförsöken och gå direkt på småbarn istället. Moralen devalveras. Man kan undra vilka föräldrar som accepterar detta? Är det pengarna som talar igen?

    • Sture says:

      @ Loa,
      det hemskaste är ju att de sedan 2002 testat mRNA på djur och att samtliga djur blev enormt mycket sämre och dog när de provocerades med ett nytt coronavirus. FDA godkände aldrig mRNA just på grund av dessa misslyckade djurförsök.
      Det berättades i den video av dr. Smith, som du lagt upp att dr. Fauci haft en mycket stark maktposition inom NIH (National Institute of Health) och att hans hustru är ordförande i den etiska kommitté som godkände att skippa alla djurförsök (som återigen skulle misslyckas) och gå direkt på humanförsök (fast det kallas ”Emergency”).

      Förutom de initiala biverkningarna (hjärnblödning, blodproppar, förlamningar hos några) kommer de svåra reaktionerna hos den stora massan inte att infinna sig förrän man provoceras av ett nytt coronavirus – vilket enligt dr. Sherri Tenpenny kommer att ske inom 4-14 månader och enligt dr. Smith kanske först om några år. Det kommer då att heta att vi fått en ny pandemi.
      Man får hoppas att alla då laddat upp med Ivermectin, D-vitamin, C-vitamin, Melatonin, zink etc. Men att offra dessa spädbarn ger verkligen hjärtsnörp. Hur kan man vara så cynisk när man redan sedan 2002 vetat om hur försöksdjuren reagerade på mRNA?

  10. hllviken says:


    • hllviken says:

      P3 Guldgala hyllar en afrikansk kriminell (Yasin)

      • Eclipse says:

        Yasin invald i hederskollegiet vid Kungliga Musikhögskolan. ”En drömrekrytering” hälsar Eric Ericson från kvarter 32 på Skogskyrkogården, erfar Ekot.

  11. eva-marie says:

    Det senaste från Mark Taylor och Paul Oebel. Från 21 mars (ev reklam med) . Hoppfullt för Trumpsupportrar.

    • eva-marie says:

      Verkar inte vara helt ny när jag ser det nu. Det måste vara från tiden mellan 6;e och 20;e januari. Det stod att den hade premiär den 21;a mars under så jag trodde den var nyare. Är ändå intressant.

  12. Loa says:

    Vi väntar och hoppas; allt dras i långbänk. Åtminstone märks inget.
    Bakom ligger tydligen en total omdaning av det finansiella systemet, QFS, eftersom Fed är bankrupt många gånger om, senast 16 feb. 2020. Inget guld backar de amerikanska sedlarna. Astronomiska dollarbelopp saknar täckning.
    Roten till det onda är bankirernas strypsnara på mänskligheten – ränteslaveriet måste utrotas.
    Fulford är mycket intressant denna vecka:
    ” Japan … $7 trillion they had earned since WWII … They earned this money by exporting cars, TVs, etc. to the rest of the world.
    … ever since the opium wars the Asians have been sending stuff to the rest of the world and were not getting paid for it. Instead, their dynasties were overthrown and their gold was systematically looted and sent to Switzerland by the Western Skull and Bones murderers and drug dealers. The Skull and Bones, in turn, reports to the Satanists in the Vatican.
    The big story behind all this is that the BIS and the Federal Reserve Board were founded with Asian gold. The Asians were promised control of the world in exchange for this gold.
    When the Asians sued the owners of the BIS and FRB in the World Court for either the return of their gold or control of Western currency backed by this gold, they won. The Western oligarchs were supposed to hand over the gold on September 12, 2001. Instead, as we all now know, they gave them the finger with 9/11
    The source of the ongoing dystopia in the West has been traced to the Bank for International Sins in Basle, Switzerland. (…) Michael Cottrell has emerged as a key figure behind these crimes, the sources say. (…) He is also probably now the most senior active agent of the opium and drug money-funded Skull and Bones Society.
    Cottrell himself came out of hiding on March 19th to try to publicly lay claim to control of the Western financial system.

    Om allas vår väntan postar Simon Parkes:
    Delayed Action…
    ” The 21st had been set aside for some form of action.
    However in Iraq a last minute disagreement in the government, which is connected to the ongoing political situation may well delay any movement.
    Iraq should be settled by the 27th of this month, then perhaps the timeline can be resumed.“

    Någon oenighet om the Iraq Dinar (IQD) i det nya systemet?

    • carinaagrellgmailcom says:

      Trump skulle ju bli Amerikas sista president, så enda möjligheten är att han är stand by med stackars Biden som kuliss. Symbolvärdet är för stort för att sumpas bort för tanken var nog att The Great Reset skulle samordnas högtidligen med presidentämbetets upphörande, och med Starwar-Schwabs dito som förbryllningsmekanism. Har någon hört talas om att presidenter existerar i kommunistländer? Schwab med sin mundering är själva sinnebilden för en kostymering för AI, könsneutralitet och annat som ska rymmas i ett nytt system som är förklädd kommunism med lite andra tongångar än de vi förknippar med det kommunistiska manifestet.

      Problemet är att nollställningen av systemet ligger lite efter, fyrverkerierna och hyllningarna av UBI och Jubelår måste vänta. Det är i denna väntan vi befinner oss nu, tror jag.

      • Loa says:

        Du menar Artificial Unintelligence.. Någon skrev att Schwab ser ut som en korsning mellan a slug and a snake. Munderingen ser ut som en förverkligad pojkdröm Captain nånting – Captain Cabal?

        • carinaagrellgmailcom says:

          Ja, ingen kan ju i vilket fall som helst ta någon med hans outfit på allvar. Han är något slags sidekick. Kapten Zoom? Liknar mera ”Gubben i Lådan”.

    • Loa says:

      Nu är det bråttom…

      The GREAT GUN GRAB of 2021 Begins!
      …With the Gladio-Staged, False-Flag, Mass Shooting in Boulder, Colorado
      March 23, 2021

      Liken (förlåt. Men jag såg inget utgjutet blod) hinner inte kallna:

      Psaki Says Joe Biden Considering Executive Action on Gun Control in Wake of Mass Shootings
      March 23, 2021

      F.ö., ‘Biden’ och ‘Biden’ – dags för a smooth transition:

      Breaking: The Biden Admin is No More; WH Says It Will Now Be Officially Called The Biden-Harris Administration
      March 23, 2021

      • peterkrabbe says:

        Tyvärr har nog den gode Simon förlorat en hel del av sin trovärdighet. Det krävs nog en konkret och rejäl nyhet med förankring i verkligheten för att råda bot på detta…

        • Sture says:

          @ peterkrabbe,
          problemet här är att den stora fienden aldrig misstänks för att vara en fiende utan betraktas som en vän. Denna fiende kan då, i skydd av denna förmenta vänskap (som faktiskt bara är enkelriktad), infiltrera överallt och har god överblick – den bästa överblicken – över allt som är hemligt. Jag tror att det är vad som har hänt.
          För närvarande verkar Simon vara helt bortkopplad.

          • peterkrabbe says:

            Ja, så är det säkert. Ärligt talat så trodde jag att Simon Parkes, som själv uppger sig ha ett högkänsligt medvetande, vilket jag har all respekt för – sådana människor finns – skulle nå längre än vi övriga i tolkningen av information om förväntade politiska händelser. Nu föredrar jag att sänka förväntningarna och istället bli glatt överraskad om något av det som vi diskuterat här tidigare plötsligt skulle bli verklighet. Fötterna på jorden, med andra ord…

            • Sture says:

              @ peterkrabbe,
              jag upplever Simon Parkes som en uppriktig människa med stora insikter om vissa aspekter av livet på jorden – med helt ärliga avsikter. Inte någon som springer andras ärenden. Och jag gillar inte misstänkliggörandet av hans person, som gjorts av vissa. Men Simons medvetande är i stort det som brukar kallas ”New Age”. Under en period av mitt liv läste jag allt om detta – och försökte också tillämpa en del – men det gav väldigt lite. Inom New Age talar man ofta om ”Universum” istället för Gud (fast Simon nämner faktiskt Gud) och om att höja sin medvetandenivå (= vibrationsfrekvens). Vad detta nu innebär.

              Å andra sidan har vi de traditionellt religiösa och en del bokstavstroende – och de verkar faktiskt ganska förvirrade idag. Vi har också de synska människorna som får kunskap om den del av den andliga världen, som ligger alldeles nära oss – de själar som är jordbundna och som inte vet hur de skall ta eller vågar ta steget över till den andra sidan. I framtiden måste vi förena alla dessa riktningar, ty de bär på varsin pusselbit. Men tillsvidare ligger jag lågt och gör som du och sänker förväntningarna – i alla fall när det gäller tidsaspekterna för en stor förändring.

            • jesslar53 says:

              Ja att sänka förväntningarna kan vara en väg att gå, dock finns en del korn av sanning i vad han säger men to late.
              Det han kommenterar är redan old facts Och att vara guru att veta allt före någon annan kan visa sig vara straffbart. Samma med den Norske profeten John Holden ” Om Jeg Var Statsminister”
              Alla vet säkert vad som kommer men tröstar sig med utopier som Simon etc .. som tror och lovar någon slags Trump return , glöm det , lagar ändras i USA och vi får nog stå ut med denna förvandling av samhället, Sverige är på samma kurs och väljarna begriper NADA.

              • carinaagrellgmailcom says:

                Ja, att Trump skulle återinsättas är nog tyvärr bara önsketänkande. Däremot har Biden behövts som en kuliss tills allt gått i lås. Frågan är dock vad som faktiskt kommer att hända nu i början av april? Reseten skulle jag tro, med medborgarlön och skuldavskrivningar, ny världsvaluta och världsregering?

  13. Erik says:

    Göran Lambertz inte längre brottsmisstänkt, släpps ur häktet. Stämmer staten samt anmäler kvinnan. Något lurt är det med detta. Kammaråklagaren häktade Lambertz, som överklagade men hovrätten avslog. Plötsligen blir han frisläppt? En kupp mot Lambertz, och denne sitter med all sannolikhet inne med väldigt mycket komprometterade information om diverse mäktiga socialdemokrater. Frågar någon mig, så tror jag detta låg till grund för frisläppandet. Ytterst få får rätt mot staten, vid en stämningsansökan. Tror inte Lambertz kommer att vinna detta heller. Han säger sig redan skrivit en bok på över 150 sidor under tiden i häktet. Den boken lär bli en bestseller i vart fall.

    • Mjölner says:

      Se där Erik, kanske en hel kennel begraven. Hovrätten naturligtvis underrättad för rätt beslut.
      Lambertz får se sig noga för så han inte snavar på portföljen och hamnar på spåret.
      Kvinnan får straff i någon form beroende på rubricering. Boken kommer nog aldrig ut tror jag.
      Att få rätt mot staten är naturligtvis hopplöst, det går aldrig.
      Jag vet inte om du läst om målet mot Karl Hedin. Där visar åklagare och polis hur ruttet den svenska rättvisan agerar.

      • Erik says:

        Detta är en fars långt över begreppets innebörd: Göran Lambertz som själv deltagit i utformandet kring den nya våldtäckslagstiftningen, har i bästa aktiviststil både agerat och propagerat för att större betoning och vikt skall läggas vid våldstäcksoffrets trovärdighet som stöttande i bland annat Cissi Wallin i Wirtanens förtalsmål mot henne gällande just en förtalsmål om påstådd våldtäkt samt dessutom i fallet Thomas Quick uttryckligenen menat att man är skyldig tills motsatsens är bevisad; hjälper en kvinna som anmält inte minde än tre (eller två) män för våldtäkt där hon klippt bort samtycket ur ljudfilen och därför själv blivit anmäld för förtal efter att mannen i fråga frikänts av hovrätten från den påstådda våldtäkten och där hon nu själv blivit anmäld för förtal av Göran Lambertz, som i sin tur karaktärsmödrar kvinnan som alltså anmält honom för samma brott hon själv sökte hjälp hos Göran Lambertz hos samt sist men inte minst stämmer han staten för samma godtyckliga lagstiftning han själv varit delaktig i att ta fram? Om någon nu orkade läsa denna sjukt långa mening och dessutom inte gått vilse i karusellen av anklagelser.

    • Patrik Solberger says:

      Jag misstänker att hela storyn är teater, att Lambertz är en skådespelare i frimureriet och att syftet som vanligt är att skapa motsättningar mellan människor; den fråga som storyn väcker är sedan tidigare het.

      • Loa says:

        Lambertz har mycket reellt sått split i hela riket genom att som JK tolka Hets Mot Folkgrupp som om det exkluderade svenskar. Att de inte kan vara minoritet i eget land och därför ej hetsas mot. Förutom ologiskt, så tog han inte hänsyn till enskilda fallet, där ensamma svenskar blir angripna av t.ex. invandrare i ett invandrardominerat bostadsområde. Eller en garanterat icke-muslimsk flicka blir gruppvåldtagen. Blunda för det uppenbara, samt tolka lagen som om alla människor inte vore lika inför den!
        Med HMFs tolkning (varför skall hans – därtill förlegade – åsikt tillmätas någon betydelse?) har Lambertz sått mesta möjliga split i Sverige och väckt rättmätig vrede från svenskar mot dem som drar fördel av ”lagen”. När invandrare brukar våld mot svenskar, då är det plötsligt inte etniskt betingat hat och hets vi hör i mobilfilmerna? När bruschor filmar sina fränders hjältedåd?
        Snacka om lagens anda och bokstav. Inte ens bokstaven är rätt.

        • Mjölner says:

          Loa !
          När invandrare brukar våld mot etniska svenskar, då är det plötsligt inte…………….
          Det är just det här som socialdemokraterna ingått avtal med muslimska organisationer om, se till att dubbla måttstockar tillämpas i rättssalarna. Den här gummilagen är skit och skall hävas så fort tillfälle ges. Denna skitlag ger muslimerna extra och olämpligt stöd vid rättegångar där våld mot etniska svenskar förekommit. Den tröge lille dvärjen Mollgan på strandhällen bör få se sitt verk bokstavligen demolerat till en grushög. Han har nu ostört fått hålla på sedan 2014
          att obstruera rättvisan, både när det gäller införandet av vissa EU-lagar, som inte passar sossarna, samt nästan all svensk lagstiftning. Huvuddelen av hans verksamhet kan nog klassas som trögt mycket trögt olaga ministerstyre, med katastrofala följder för svensk rättstillämpning.

          Nu plötsligt efter några dagar är allt vaccin, sim salabim ofarligt. Nu kör vi igång igen!
          Går folk på detta? Ja det verkar så. Alla är nöjda och glada, o va skönt att få bli vaccinerad
          jag var så rädd att de skulle stoppa vaccineringarna.

          Svenskarna i gemen är inte bara tomhänta och handlingsförlamade, det verkar även vara tomt uppe på loftet. Tomt eller tomtar endera är det.

          • Loa says:

            Lagen om ”hets mot folkgrupp” hör över huvud taget inte hemma i Sverige. Den är tillkommen för judar, av judar. Orsaken var en svensk nationalsocialist Åberg, som på 40-talet spred pamfletter till när och fjärran. Detta aktiverade överrabbin Ehrenpreis i Stockholm och American Jewish Committee (AJC) i New York, som kontaktade det svenska justitiedepartementet. Det var svårt att rucka på yttrandefriheten på den tiden, enligt rikets lagar och författning. World Jewish Congress vädjar till statsminister Erlander om en lag som förbjuder att “förtal sprids för att framkalla konflikter mellan folkgrupper”. Det kommer omsider till ett tryckfrihetsmål, som omfattar att Åberg skall sinnesundersökas! Han befinnes vara klok och tilldöms böter.
            Till slut får WJC 1.1.1949 sin ”Lex Åberg” som pregas in under ”Brott mot allmän ordning” och lyder: ”Hotar, förtalar eller smädar någon offentligen folkgrupp med viss härstamning, eller trosbekännelse, dömes för hets mot folkgrupp till böter eller fängelse.”
            Observera att där nämns ingenting om ”minoritet”! Den allmänna ordalydelsen har blivit en språngbräda för utökningar och tolkningar. En kil inslagen i landet som framkallar konflikter mellan folkgrupper. Där de med svensk härstamning dragit det kortaste strået.

            • peterkrabbe says:

              Ja, det var på den tiden när vi läste om Ali Baba och de 40 rövarna (ursäkta dubbelbetydelsen, men det är ju inte jag som har skrivit sagan). Idag är det väl närmast vi själva som borde söka skydd bakom lagstiftningen, så kanske den mer generella urprungstexten var bättre ändå?

  14. Mjölner says:

    Det måste till en ingenjör, därtill kvinna för att enkelt och lättfattligt förklara sammanhanget.
    Vi måste kräva att det lagstridiga förbudet angående vitamin-C injektion och hydroxiklorokin häves.

  15. hllviken says:

    Antagligen tas denna intressanta info snart bort:

  16. hllviken says:


  17. Mjölner says:

    Minister Ygemans idoga arbete med vaccinpass har stött på patrull.
    WHO säger nej till vaccinpass. Vaccinering skyddar inte tillräckligt och påpekar att beslutet är juridiskt bindande för alla WHO:s 194 medlemsstater. Fauci säger- ”att vara vaccinerad betyder inte att det är fritt fram att resa”.

    I Frankrike har regeringen upplöst organisationen Generation Identitarie.

    Källa Nya Tider

    I Tyskland protesterar man hårt och högljutt mot repressionen. Merkel backar och ber om ursäkt.

  18. Eclipse says:

    Vice VD:n på AstraZenecas forsknings- och utvecklingsavdelning för onkologi har dött i Creutzfelt-Jakobs sjukdom (galna ko-sjukan). Han utvecklade terapier mot Covid-19 baserade på sin cancerforskning. Baselga började på AstraZeneca i början av 2019. Året före fick han lämna en chefsposition på ett cancercenter eftersom han ”glömt” att nämna sina finansiella kopplingar till läkemedelsbolag i ett stort antal forskningsartiklar.

  19. Mjölner says:

    Läs länken och begrunda.
    Den stora frågan är, när och hur skall klantarslena i regeringen med de knappa kunskaper och ringa förmåga kunna lösa detta. De är inträngda i ett trångt hörn nu, men har inte den ringaste hum om hur man tar itu med problemlösning. De biter sig tjurigt fast i sina tidigare felaktiga påhittade åtgärder. Folkets väl har frångåtts för länge sedan. Nu gäller helt andra mål.

  20. eva-marie says:

    Enligt medierna kan man bli sjuk i corona trots vaccinering, Dessutom smittsam. Och om det är frivilligt, varför behövs då ett pass?

  21. jesslar53 says:

    Kanske man skall glädje sig den tid som är framtiden ..

  22. Mjölner says:

    I min kommentar den 25mars kl.18.23 skrev jag om vaccinpass.

    • eva-marie says:

      Mjölner. Bra om WHO stoppar passet.
      Frågan är varför någon skall behöva vaccineras mot det här överhuvudtaget-
      Det sägs ju inte stoppa smittspridningen. Och sjuk kan man också bli sägs det.

      OT Något konstigt är det med ”President Bidens” regering. De bjuder in flera länder till klimattoppmöte, bl a Norge och Danmark. Sverige däremot bjuds inte in! Snopet för regeringen.

      • Mjölner says:


        Den allt överskuggande osäkerheten, vad händer vid återvaccinering för nästa mutation av
        detta Sars-virus? Vad händer med vårt immunförsvar? Enligt expertis är risken stor när immunförsvaret kollapsar eller försvagas att man dör på grund av sviterna. Samtidigt har man förbjudit läkarna att skriva ut ett antal ofarliga mediciner som initialt enkelt skulle bota en virusinfektion. Vi skall komma ihåg att alla patogener har ett inbyggt överlevnadsprogram.
        De förändras eller muterar när motåtgärderna sätts in. Vårt immunförsvar är normalt ständigt alert att upptäcka nya problem och skapa försvar mot det.

        Vad är man ute efter? Att människor skall ha ett helvete. Eller är det död och förintelse. Kanske man vill rensa kraftigt bland befolkningen. En sak som överheten inte tänkt på är hur de skall kunna skydda sin importerade muslimska valboskap mot virus. Den vaccinering man håller på med tycks inte vara särskild effektiv, men man håller nogsamt tyst med hur valboskapen skall vaccineras. Då blir det plötsligt mycket viktigt att poängtera den enda stora gemensamheten, fast man i en del övriga sammanhang drar ett tjockt streck mellan oss och dem.

        • eva-marie says:

          Jag tror också det egna immunförsvaret är det bästa och ev de ofarliga läkemedel och vitaminer som rekommenderats.

          Jag kanske inbillar mig, men på något sätt känns det som den här vaccinationsagendan har stött på patrull. ”Inställda/försenade leveranser”. Länder som ”vägrar exportera vaccin” till andra osv. Plus alla som är kritiska och inte litar på detta vaccin i olika länder. Såg i dag att ca 75 procent av Rysslands befolkning misstror vaccinet. Men Putin sägs ha tagit sprutan nu.
          Fast vi kan ju omöjligt veta vad det är i de sprutor politikerna tar.

    • jesslar53 says:

      EU resolution 2361 .

  23. Mjölner says:

    Är det någon här som tror på det som skrivs i nedanstående länk.

    • jesslar53 says:

      Vad handlar det om, begriper ej länken , usäkta

      • peterkrabbe says:

        Det handlar om försök i olika länder att åtala regeringarna för brott mot mänskligheten i samband med utfärdade restriktioner för skydd mot smittspridningen av Covid 19. Ett antal advokater uppges vara beredda att driva ett mål i någon form av Nurnbergkommision som en folkrättsprocess. Vem som helst kan ju alltid göra en sådan anmälan, mer tveksamt om det blir annat än en symbolhandling.
        Kan ju vara bra om någon gör det för att få en diskussion i frågan, men utgången är nog given – brott kan ej styrkas….

        • Loa says:

          Det är väl Reiner Fuellmich som avses med Nürnberg II?

          Uppdatering av Dr Reiner Fuellmich grupptalan för Covid-skandalen
          ► Det är de tre befrämjarna av ”corona-paniken” som stäms, och de är samma människor som våra regeringar bygger sin lockdown på:
          Dr Christian Drosten,
          Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, chef för WHO,
          Lothar Wieler, veterinär och chef för den tyska motsvarigheten till CDC.

          • peterkrabbe says:

            Tack för förtydligande. Jag har inte följt detta närmare eftersom jag inte tror att det kommer att leda till något konkret, möjligen lite uppmuntran till alla förtryckta befolkningar i vår västliga, snabbt förfallande civilisation..

        • jesslar53 says:

          Det är väl det jag ej förstår ,, utsiktslöst att kämpa mot staten dom har alla skattepengar , promotions att blidka deras försvarare med . Endast en stor protest, demonstration kan ändra på detta , men det får vi inte se i Sverige, Detta går ej i Asien där folk säger nej när dom fått nog, här gäller VVV Villa Volvo Vovve.

          • kirurgenblog says:

            Vänta du till socialisterna inför förmögenhetsskatt, kraftigt förhöjd fastighetskatt på villor och sommarstugor samt på bostadsrätter. Eu-bidraget måste ju tas in någonstans. Då du, då kommer Svenne Päron att vakna, när det känns riktigt ordentligt i plånboken. Jag föreslår skatterevolt med sänkning av alla skatter ffa skatt på arbete redan nu samt indragning av SIDA-anslaget, vilket är värdelöst samt bidrag till migranter som är fullt arbetsföra men år efter år går och drar kilen. Då har vi väl direkt 150 miljarder in i statskassan varje år. Skattepengar äges inte av korkade politiker utan av oss skattebetalare. Men vi skall vara mycket generösa med att hjälpa människor i akut nöd pga översvämningar. vulkanutbrott, jordbävningar, bränder etc.Detta är viktigt.

            • peterkrabbe says:

              Ja, det räcker nog inte med det, fastighetsskatten brukar dra med sig inte bara förmögenhetsskatten, utan också arvsskatt och gåvoskatt, de ligger i samma paket eftersom de har horisontella kopplingar vad gäller skatteplanering. Får inte det svenska folket så de storknar då, får de det nog aldrig. Point of no return. Därefter tar det inte många år innan alla som tror att de ägt något får inse att de är utblottade och bara har lön, en symbolisk pension eller socialbidrag kvar att vänta på.
              Att beskatta det folk äger, efter att först ha betalt världens högsta skatter för att kunna få det, hör nog till det största hånet mot mänskligheten. Samtidigt är detta en grundbult i the New Reset, att göra oss alla medellösa och helt beroende av statens eventuella vilja att fylla på kassan vid månadsskiftet. Om regeringen sitter kvar efter valet finns ingen annan möjlighet än att lämna landet och bosätta sig någonstans där människovärdet fortfarande räknas…

  24. jesslar53 says:

    Det verkar som att det är rundgång på information från alt-media , kanske bra men vi läser nog detsamma alla som är på denna bloggen . Men vi är väl i en fas där vi känner oss alla i en situation där påverkan ej biter på gemene man dock ca 80 % av medborgarna är icke ovetande om situationen men förnekelsens timme kommer snart att uppenbara sig, Man använder nu en influensa som orsak för att ge legitimt för stringenta åtgärder man ej annars skulle klara av , det tar då fokus från debatten om Sveriges ekonomi och pensions fonder sjukvård etc,
    Ingen politik diskuteras endast en influensa som är över,,

  25. Loa says:

    Från Jim Stone Förklara detta

    • Loa says:

      Benjamin Fulfords uppfattning är att detta är ett angrepp på Rockefellers /Biden /CCP

      March 29, 2021
      Rockefeller-Biden Scam Falling Apart As World Shuns It

      As has been reported widely elsewhere, a major Chinese highway was also blocked by a truck with the Evergreen logo on it.
      The message is clear, the Chinese communist party deal with the Rockefellers to fund their fake Biden presidency must be ended or Chinese trade routes will be blockaded.
      The Chinese took the blockage of the Suez Canal to be an act of war and responded by shooting down two U.S. military satellites, Asian secret society sources say. ”
      (fler bilder på det igår
      19 hours ago )

      Fulford forts.
      ” The blockage of the Suez Canal and the shooting down of satellites were only the most visible recent signs of the ongoing hybrid world war. For example, the Automobile industry, a remaining stronghold of Rockefeller industrial strength, is being slowly strangled by a shortage of semiconductors.
      We are also seeing attacks on oil and gas refineries all over the world. Again, these are key bastions of Rockefeller power.

      • Loa says:

        Containrar på Evergreen/Ever Given har visats vara passagerar”bussar” inkl. tankar med komprimerat syre.
        Kommentator på phibetaiota slås av en insikt:
        Is Donald Trump A Genius? Alert Reader on Suez
        ” So… SUEZ accounting is very much off-limit. Cargos going through are very much off limit and carry from drug to humans to “vaccines” and whatever else. Banks and insurance companies are so opaque that people still don’t know the story of the Olympic purposely sunk as the Titanic for insurance money. They would never give details on cargos going through the SUEZ Canal!
        Trump didn’t go after accounting. That’s what lawyers do and they know all the escapes.
        The thing is… Trump knew and knows all that. And he didn’t go after weapons, drugs or even technology either, which have existed for hundred years, nor did he go after patents and money.
        He went after THE ONE THING which he knew would shake masses to the core emotionally and force them to wake up in mass and worldwide: the traffic of human beings (an old practice) and much, much worse… the theft and traffic of CHILDREN. THE LAST SACRED THING HUMANS HAVE AND WHICH NO ONE WILL TOUCH IS THEIR CHILDREN. No religion, no human philosophy known to man, whether in Europe, Asia, America or Africa, allows anyone to hurt a child.
        How do you bring people together? By showing them their common enemy: the child’s predator.

      • jesslar53 says:

        Det kan faktiskt vara så att det här är en olycka som orsakats av starka vindar , har experience of that 2 feet of hail and 80 knots wind outside Dubai , nothing man made only weather,,

  26. Mjölner says:

    Ilana Rachel Daniel: Coronavaccinet är en mycket riskabel genterapi – inte ett vaccin.


    Vaccineringarna har särskilt uppmärksammats av den erkände vaccinförespråkaren Geert Vanden Bossche. I ett nödrop till WHO och andra ansvariga, krävde han nyligen att dessa omedelbart stoppas. Hans budskap är att vaccineringarna inte bara hotar människorna till lem och liv, utan kan riskera att utplåna hela mänskligheten.

    • Sture says:

      @ Mjölner,
      de som jag tycker verkar mest pålästa på hur dessa ”vacciner” verkar är dr. Carrie Madej och dr. Sherri Tenpenny – här i samspråk. Dessa doktorer är utbildade och har tagit vanlig läkarexamen och även arbetat som vanliga doktorer under många år. Dr. Sherri Tenpenny arbetade bl.a. som akutläkare och tog hand om alla akutfall (trauma, kirurgiska och medicinska fall av alla de slag) och var chef för en akutavdelning i 12 år. Hon vidareutbildade sig därefter i någonting som heter ”Osteopati” under flera år (eftersom hennes far och farfar var chiropraktorer) och har således en kombinerad lång utbildning i medicin/kirurgi/osteopati.

      Likaså har dr. Carrie Madej. Jag kan inte så mycket om detta, men de verkar inriktade på mera naturliga substanser och har lagt ner stor möda för att undersöka vaccinationshistoriken. Dr. Sherri Tenpenny har berättat att hon 2001 var på en fyraveckors kurs i vaccinationens historia och förundrad undrade hon därefter varför hon inte fått veta allt detta under sin medicinutbildning.

      Hon tog då tag i vaccinationsstudierna och hävdar att hon lagt ner 40.000 timmar (= en dag i veckan under 20 år) på att studera ämnet vaccinationer.
      Bland annat så studerade hon mRNA-vaccinationerna redan 2002 och har samlat på sig pdf-filer om alla den högteknologiska forskning som bedrivits om detta – och som snart kommer att censureras på nätet. Detta förstod dr. Tenpenny tidigt och hävdar att hon därför tidigt tog kopior på alla viktiga högteknologiska pdf-filer.
      Likaså verkar den yngre dr. Carrie Madaj ha gjort. Deras samtal är mycket intressant. Vad jag saknar, dock, är den vetenskapliga dokumentationen, som de hänvisar till. Den finns och jag har kommit över delar av den från andra författare. Det gäller nu söka, samla på sig och skrivas om detta.

      • Mjölner says:

        Tack Sture!
        Skall försöka lyssna på damerna någon gång i natt eller nästa natt. Frun fyller år i morgon så det är lite glest med tillfällen just nu.

    • Loa says:

      Samlingssida med varningar
      The COVID Blog
      Official blog of covid legal usa. COVID-19, coronavirus, and vaccine news.
      Se flikar och side bar.
      Uppdaterat persongalleri ”Vaccine deaths”. Scrolla ner, Load more..

  27. Mjölner says:

    AstraZenecas Covid-19-vaccin ger blodproppar – Äldre ska främst vaccineras.
    VACCIN. Den 16 mars 2021 hade 19 europeiska länder och Thailand avbrutit användningen av AstraZenecas Covid-19-vaccin, helt eller delvis, efter rapporter om dödliga blodproppar. Läkare vid Oslo universitetssjukhus säger att blodpropparna orsakats av vaccinet.

    Professor Pål Andre Holme, överläkare vid Oslo universitetssjukhus, säger att ingenting annat än vaccinet kan vara orsaken till blodpropparna.

    Folkhälsomyndigheten rekommenderar att Astra Zenecas vaccin mot Covid-19 fortsätter att användas i Sverige för att skydda personer som är 65 år och äldre mot sjukdomen Covid-19, trots att de allvarliga fall av blodproppar som konstaterats drabbat äldre.

    EU:s export av Astra Zenecas vaccin utanför unionens gränser har stoppats, enligt vaccinsamordnaren Richard Bergström. ”Utlovade doser ska först levereras till EU”, säger han.

    Astra Zenecas vaccin byter namn till Vaxzevria, meddelade Astra Zeneca den 29 mars Text: NewsVoice

    Källor och relaterat

    SvD: EU stoppar export av Astra Zenecas vaccin
    Folkhälsomyndigheten: Information om fortsatt vaccination av Astra Zenecas vaccin till personer som är 65 år och äldre
    Astra Zeneca: Astra Zenecas vaccin byter namn till Vaxzevria
    Norway Today: Norwegian Medicines Agency: Two new patients have died of blood clots after receiving AstraZeneca vaccine
    Science Norway: Norwegian experts say deadly blood clots were caused by the AstraZeneca covid vaccine
    Dr Mercola: Deadly Blood Clots Caused by COVID-19 Vaccine

    Kommentar av Kerstin Unger Salen 30 mars 2021 kl 11:11 At

    Det är enastående briljant! Först ska Astra Zeneca inte ges till äldre ovanför 65 för det har inte testats på äldre. Sen har flertalet länder förbjudit Astra Zeneca för man konstaterar att “vaccinet ” ger blodproppar speciellt på äldre. Då bestämmer man att det ska ges till dem som också är 65 och över och eftersom de står först i kön kommer de nu ta Astra Zeneca.

    Sen har vaccinet fått ett dåligt rykte så döper man om “vaccinet” och Sim Sala Bim har vi ett nytt “vaccin”. Det är samma vaccin men för att förvirra allmänheten hittar man på ett nytt namn men det är exakt samma produkt.”The British-Swedish pharmaceutical has rebranded its jab, which previously went by the simple ‘AstraZeneca Covid-19 Vaccine’, to ‘Vaxzevria’. In a press release, the company said that the name change does not involve any alterations to the actual drug. Medical workers should be made aware of the rebrand though, the firm said, because the labeling and packaging can look different. ”

    EU kan inte stoppa export, för vad jag förstår görs “vaccinet” i Indien och de tänker inte släppa iväg “vaccinen” utanför sina egna gränser vilket vi kanske ska vara tacksamma för med tanke på att det vore skönt att slippa dö av trombosis.
    Kan någon förklara varför Sverige rekommenderar att först och främst äldre ska ta Astra Zeneca för att “skyddas”? Hur dumma tror de att vi är? Snälla rara allmänhet, vakna.

  28. Sture says:

    @ Mjölner
    EveryKindapeople har en sammanställning om vaccinationskomplikationer som hämtats från Global Research, som hämtat det från europeiska databasen för ”adverse reactions”.

    För de tre vaccinerna från AstraZeneka + Moderna + Pfizer fann man 3.924 dödsfall och 162.610 som blivit skadade av vaccinerna. Detta är då bara de skador som uppkommit i nära anslutning till vaccinationstillfällena.

    Dr. Tenpenny och andra forskare räknar med att det stora avfallet skulle kunna komma efter 4-14 månader när man ådrar sig en ny coronainfektion. Men det kommer då antagligen att hävdas att vi fått ett nytt viruspandemi där man måste ”plana ut kurvan”. Vi får se. Vaccinerna är i stort sett otestade på djur och har inte genomgått ordinarie forskningsprocedurer.

  29. Loa says:

    Eftersom följande är återpublicerat på RDS’ sida, så är det kanske inte gripet ur luften:
    John Brennan Sent to GITMO

  30. hllviken says:


  31. hllviken says:

    Biden sänder trupper mot Krim! Israels intressen bakom stoppet i Suezkanalen?

    • Sven says:

      North Stram 2 crossing over Ukraine into Europe (vid 1,25) !! Den här killen har nog inte koll på läget.

      • peterkrabbe says:

        Nej, han blandar ihop de olika gas- och oljeledningarna, projekten i Mellanöstern genom Syrien har inte mycket med Östersjön att göra. Som israel borde han veta bättre. Däremot kan man mycket väl tänka sig att Biden gärna förser Ukraina med militär materiel för att få dem att provocera Ryssland och Putin, det har legat i luften länge. Tror dock att det än så länge bara är en önskedröm för israelerna, som gärna stärker sitt inflytande i både Ukraina och Georgien…

      • hllviken says:

        Det blev fel med namnet / geografin här.

        Steve Ben-Nuns styrka är som judisk skriftlärd och att exponera zionisternas förehavanden. Där har han mycket god koll på läget!

      • jesslar53 says:

        Lots of rubbish here and twisted around it looks as what you want

  32. Mjölner says:

    Från det ena till det andra,
    GLAD PÅSK på ER!

  33. hllviken says:

    Zev Porat, av Juda stam, härstammar i rakt nedstigande led från rabbiner som satt i Högrådet på Jesu tid. Zev mötte Jesus och hans liv förändrades för alltid:


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