Nu drar vi upp rullgardinen!

Kanske är det svårt många gånger att lägga ett pussel utan att ha bilden på kartongen framför sig. Vi har massvis av pusselbitar liggande runt omkring oss, men hur skall vi kunna se motivet bara genom att planlöst försöka para ihop alla bitar? Nåväl, jag skall spara det arbetet genom att låta David Sörensen hålla upp den färdiga bilden framför er, det finns nämligen inte tid för att fortsätta fundera längre. Låt oss istället arbeta för att stoppa galenskaperna, våra politiker kommer inte att göra det.

Owning a world
with people who own nothing

As most of us understand by now, the pandemic was planned with the sole purpose of submitting humanity to a New World Order of unprecedented tyrannical control by the ‘superrich elite’. If you haven’t seen the evidence for this yet, then I strongly encourage you to first read this in depth report, that reveals all the undeniable evidence of how the pandemic is the smokescreen for implementing a new level of totalitarian control.

Covid is the excuse to lock down the world, supposedly to save humanity. In reality the agenda behind the lockdowns is very different. In their own books, videos, websites and conferences the globalists make it crystal clear what the purpose of the lockdowns is:

The essence of this Great Reset is that all debt of every human being would be cancelled, which would save us from the financial devastation resulting from the lockdowns. Having all your debt cancelled surely sounds like a wonderful solution. ‘Thank you globalist elite!’ However, it comes with a price tag. In return for this ‘financial rescue’ everyone would have to give up all private property.

From that moment on, nobody would own anything, and we would all rent everything: cars, houses, etc.

The mind behind this plan is Klaus Schwab from the World Economic Forum, which is working closely with the World Health Organization, the World Bank, the European Union, the United Nations, and other globalist entities. Schwab has become a key player in the globalist movement, steering most nations and industries towards this agenda. He welcomes globalist world leaders every year in the renown World Economic Forum conferences in Davos, Switzerland. So what I am telling you here is no weird fairytale, it is fact.

This notorious leader of the globalist elite released a video with the presentation of their plans, and he literally says:

‘You will own nothing, and you will be happy.’

Yeah, right, while they will own everything…

Bluntly said: their plan is to throw the world into an abyss of despair, so they can become our ‘saviors’ who will ‘take good care of us’. No debt, no need, no worries, but… also no possessions, no privacy, no rights, no freedom, no voice.

Slaves forever.

The elite would become the true owners of all humanity, claiming this is for our well being. Their magic word is ‘sustainability’. They claim that this insane plan is the only way to sustain life on earth. How convenient for themselves…

Bye bye humanity,
welcome transhumanism

Their agenda however goes on. Once these globalists are in full power, they would basically end the human race, by replacing most people with Artificial Intelligence. Klaus Schwab announced that 40% of all jobs will be performed by A.I. in the near future. So they need to erase 40% of humanity, to make room for this, naturally.

No use of having 40% of humanity walking around doing nothing…

In his notorious book The Fourth Industrial Revolution, Klaus Schwab explains how the original human race will end, and make room for the next step in human evolution: we will all become cyborgs. Our bodies will be greatly altered using technology. Man and machine becoming one.

No, that is not the script for a science fiction movie, this is reality. His book is right there, on the shelves of stores around the world, and this is the man pushing the current events in the world. Governments around the world are embracing his ‘wonderful ideas’ and they are already telling children in schools how much smarter they will be with a chip in their head. Elon Musk wanted to call his child A.I. and is a pioneer in the human-robot fusion.

Mark Zuckerberg said during a public speech:

‘I WAS human…’

Let that sink in for a few seconds…

Giving up all freedom,
in return for being a robot

Becoming a cyborg may sound fascinating, as it could give us some technological ‘superpowers’. The mental programming of humanity has already been happening for decades, through movies like Terminator, Robocop, Ironman, etc. The message is always that the symbiosis between man and machine results in a superhuman. The reality is however not as appealing… It will literally mean that your body will be connected to the Cloud, or the worldwide network of digital surveillance.

They would be able to control, manipulate and direct you anyway they want, because your brains and nervous system would be connected to their fingertips, just as our smartphones are connected, and used to constantly spy on you.

Simply said: you will lose any and all freedom. Being a digitally connected man-machine, you would no longer have privacy, as they would have direct access to your digitized body and consequently know EVERYTHING you say, do, feel, think, believe, etc.

Did you know your phone records all your conversations, constantly films you, and tracks your every move? Have you ever wondered why you talk about something and then an hour later you see an ad on Facebook promoting the very thing you talked about? Or have you ever noticed how you made a phone call to somebody and a little bit later you see that person being suggested as a friend on Facebook? Or have you ever noticed that you are in a certain place, and suddenly Google is offering you shops and events in that exact location? You are tracked non stop.

Integrating all this into our own bodies, is the next step, which will eliminate our autonomy, and submit us entirely to their totalitarian control.

That’s the plan of these psychopaths. Horrible movies becoming reality,… just like the pandemic has been announced by dozens of ‘pandemic’ movies, comic books and TV shows the past years.

For those who dismiss this as ‘a conspiracy’: I invite you to read the book ‘The Fourth Industrial Revolution’ by Klaus Schwab, listen to Elon Musk, look at Mark Zuckerberg, view the videos by the World Economic Forum, see what’s on YouTube, and you will see how they have been announcing this for decades, and are now openly saying it’s time for this next move ’forward’.

Seizing absolute control over every aspect of human life, is the ultimate purpose of the planned pandemic. The lockdowns destroy humanity’s strength and wealth, so everyone would come begging for the solution: eating from the hands of the globalists. Very simple.

It’s also evident from the inventions by Richard Rothschild in 2015: this British lawyer created a virus detection system (labeled as COVID-19 testing system!), which scans a persons most private body functions, and sends this to artificial intelligence in the Cloud. A ‘virtual robot’ then warns health authorities to take action, like placing this person in quarantine.

Invented in 2015 and specifically labeled as a COVID-19 detection system today. Connecting people to artificial intelligence, to rule humanity.

The first step is submitting the world to their control through lockdowns, vaccine passports, constant testing, track and trace systems, etc. Once that succeeds, they can roll out the next phase: transhumanism, digitizing all life, eradicating original humanity, replacing everything with A.I., and claiming to offer eternal life, in the harness of a robot. They are already making robotic bodies, where humans can transfer their mind to, to have ‘eternal life’.

Yeah, if you think ‘eternal life’ is being locked up in a lifeless machine, controlled by the elite.

Opposing the
one world superstate

What does this have to do with the vaccines? EVERYTHING! President Trump has always been a major obstacle in these wicked plans. He made it very clear to the globalists that he is not going to allow them to destroy America, and turn it into a nameless, branded slave of the New World Order.

The true vision behind ‘Make America Great Again’ is to prevent it from being absorbed by the monster of the global superstate.

Trump was therefor their greatest threat. That explains their unrelenting attacks on him. It also explains why he was so bashed by the media, non stop. They just had to take him out. It is also the reason why he had to be removed from office through election interference, so a globalist puppet could replace him.

Trump was their worst nightmare. A massive stick in their wheels.

When they unleashed the pandemic, their plan was to impose vaccine mandates on all of humanity. This was key to their agenda of turning the earth into one huge prison state. If life is only possible with a vaccine passport, you are a slave of those who mandate all future vaccines, and there’s no way out. You can only move around, if you take the next vaccine, and the next, and the next, and so on.

Vaccines become the only key to a normal life.

These brand new mRNA vaccines however serve the plans of the globalists in more horrendous ways than any sane human being can imagine. As we understand the agenda of changing humanity into easily controllable cyborgs, it shouldn’t surprise us that the ultimate goal of forcing people to continually get more and more injections, is in reality to inject into them an increasing amount of DNA and RNA altering material, as part of the plan to shift humanity from version 1.0 to 2.0.

Transhumanism is at the very heart of the globalist agenda.

Ending humanity as we know it, reprogramming the human DNA and making us all fit to become the desired type of obedient, unquestioning citizens of the worldwide superstate, run by this elite.

No, it’s not too far fetched. Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook was caught on camera, admitting in an insider meeting with his staff, that the mRNA vaccines indeed alter the human DNA. Interestingly enough he censors anyone talking about this on Facebook…

Video footage shows how the Pfizer vaccine contains an unknown living organism. What is the purpose of this  living organism inside the vaccines? Why is there so much talk about inserting nanotechnology into the human body?

I believe the vaccines are used to prepare our bodies to become connected to the digital control networks. Reprogramming human bodies, to increasingly become digitized, making us connectable to technology. Every new vaccine adds a little more nanotechnology, one step at a time, more and more…

Dr. Carrie Madej explains in the documentary The Battle For Humanity (make sure to watch this!) how injected nanotechnology, can set up ‘drug factories’ inside of our bodies. These invisibly small ‘factories’ can then produce all kinds of drugs on command. They could be activated by an external source, like sattelites, cell towers, or our smartphones. Dr. Madej says how she was present at several top level medical conferences, where the ‘experts’ (she calls them ‘crazy, evil professors’) openly talked about this.

Besides preparing humanity for transhumanism, the vaccines also serve to dramatically reduce the world population, by killing all the weak and vulnerable ones, whose bodies cannot withstand this biological attack.

As you are probably aware of, dramatically decreasing the worlds population is at the top of their to-do list.

Weaken humanity
by poisoning them

Thirdly the vaccines serve to weaken the world population in general, so they would be easier to control. A weak and tired person is only just able to work for the elite, and has no strength left to ask questions or resist.

This is a strategy they have been using for decades already, by poisoning our food, water, air, medicine and minds.

It is no coincidence that most of the food in supermarkets is industrial, highly processed, extremely toxic pseudo-food, that – according to many medical doctors – accounts for 85% of all modern day disease. It is also no accident that gas stations only offer health-wrecking ‘snacks’ to the countless travelers. Fast food chains dominate every nation, offering rubbish to humanity that this world has never seen before, in her long existence. All this toxic fake-food is weakening humanity, as never before.

90% of all modern day disease didn’t even exist a century ago!

It’s hard to find a fully healthy person on earth today, specially in the western nations. It seems as if everyone has some sort of health issue. Chronique fatigue, sleeping disorders, allergies, ringing in the ears, headaches, nervous pains, arthritis, cancer, diabetes, and hundreds of other illnesses. Did I mention the worldwide epidemic of anxiety disorders, depression, autism, etc? Statistics show children have more chronic health issues, than ever before. At the same time they are the most vaccinated children who ever existed. See the connection?

Weakening the population is key to controlling them.

That’s why every effort to create natural medicine, always faces tremendous opposition, and it’s also why thousands of natural doctors have been found dead, and every inventor of a cancer cure suddenly had a ‘heart attack’.

As controlling, erasing and weakening humanity is at the very heart of the plans of the globalist elite, imposing vaccine mandates is critical to their success.

If there’s a cure,
no vaccine can be mandated

Now that we know their agenda, we come to a key question: what did President Trump do, to sabotage these insane plans?

He started promoting cures and therapeutics for COVID-19.

By doing this, he effectively removed every legal base for vaccine mandates in America. Because a vaccine can only be mandated if there is no cure. That’s why every single cure for covid has been suppressed by the globalists. That’s also why many medical doctors who successfully treat covid patients, have been censored. They desperately need to hide the cures for covid, because they must succeed in mandating the vaccines, both now and forevermore.

So when Trump started tweeting about the cures for covid, he simply threw a big rock into their windows. He also tweeted the famous White Coat Summit by Americas Frontline Doctors, where safe and effective covid-cures were presented to the world, which again eradicates the need for a vaccine. The live broadcast was viewed twenty million times and then this group of medical doctors was censored by Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and their website was taken down.

What did Trump do? He promoted them on Twitter! BAM! Another major blow in the face of the globalists. ‘There are cures for COVID-19!’

Later Trump and his family said they had covid, and recovered blazing fast thanks to the ‘miraculous therapeutics’ they had received. Once again President Trump removed the legal base for vaccine mandates, by declaring that he, his wife and his son were cured by therapeutics.

So President Trump has made it very clear to the hundreds of millions of people around the world, who listened to him:

‘Nobody needs a vaccine. There are cures. No vaccines can be mandated.’


How can you save severely brainwashed people?

President Trump was facing an enemy of enormous proportions … in the minds of the majority of the American people, and the world. For decades the mainstream media and criminal health institutions have indoctrinated all of humanity with the lie that vaccines are the only way to stay healthy, and defeat infectious diseases.

As a result President Trump had to deal with a world population that is so severely brainwashed, that – no matter how much he speaks about cures and therapeutics – they still demand a vaccine.

Now comes the clue: knowing that only a vaccine would be able to end the globalist lockdowns, and therefor prevent the Great Reset, Trump knew he had to start pushing vaccines. So he did. Interestingly enough, he tweeted right after his first announcement of the Pfizer vaccine:

“I wish people would stop killing themselves.”

That says it all, right there.

Then Trump did something else to once and for all prevent the vaccine mandates: he rushed the development of the vaccines so ridiculously fast, that they ended up being not a real vaccine, but an experimental medical product. A medical experiment can NEVER be mandated! So once again, he sabotaged the plans of the globalists to impose vaccine mandates. Also, he knew fully well that the educated part of the world will be greatly alarmed by this. By making the vaccines experimental products, he gave all of us the perfect tool in our hands to warn humanity:

This is not a vaccine, but an untested, experimental biological agent!

Another strategic element of these rushed vaccines, is  because they skipped all necessary safety testing, they are causing way more adverse events than planned, which once again is alarming humanity!

Thanks to this rushed dangerous vaccine, that has more adverse events than any vaccine ever, billions of people are now learning, for the first time in their life, about the devastating risks of vaccines in general! It wouldn’t surprise me if this ultimately results in vaccines being banned from the face of the earth altogether, in the future. Who knows…

You have to understand this: Trump can never say publicly how bad vaccines are. He would right away be accused by all the big media, and the majority of the corrupt government (left and right!) of murdering the American population. So he has to be smart.

He gave the world ‘vaccines’, therefor the lockdowns can be ended, and the plan to destroy humanity through endless lockdowns fails.

Of course he needs to say they are ‘safe and effective’, but even this is waking up the world, as people hear the claim ‘safe and effective’ while around them they see the destruction these vaccines are causing. This is undermining their blind faith in the governments and ‘health’ institutions, which is again a massive blow on the stronghold of the elites’ control over the world.

The globalists are freaking out of course, because this wasn’t their plan. So now they are all crying out in a frenzy:

’The vaccines actually don’t even protect you, you still need the lockdowns, essentially the vaccines don’t do anything. You can still get and transmit COVID-19.’

Total insanity of course, which is waking up even the most brainwashed people among us. ‘Who on earth wants to take a medical experiment, that doesn’t even do anything?’ More and more people ask questions, which is the last thing the elite needs.

Do you see, how the strategic steps taken by Donald Trump are literally wreaking havoc on the plans of the wicked globalists?

The deadly toll of
choosing ignorance

Of course it is tragic that people suffer from the vaccines. But let’s be honest: the amount of information warning the world for these vaccines is so immense, so overwhelming…. It is indeed a conscious choice of many people to deny all this wisdom, and as Trump said on Twitter to ‘kill themselves’.

The Bible speaks about how Wisdom stands on the corners of the streets shouting to the people, to warn them. But they prefer foolishness instead of wisdom, and as a result they walk into their own doom.

It is a basic reality in this life: when we reject sound wisdom, we end up in destruction. Only wisdom keeps us safe.

Trump shouted from the rooftops that no vaccines are needed, because there are cures. Everyone with an ear, heard that. Then he had to play the wargame to stop the New World Order, by pushing a vaccine, that is experimental, therefor it cannot be mandated, yet it should help end the lockdowns.

I hope you understand the kind of war we are in, and the strategic way Trump has to move, in order to save America and the world from the globalist New World Order.

If the lockdowns can be stopped, their plan fails, and freedom is restored!

That’s what it’s about.

The election steal was
part of the plan

Then there is the election fraud. Do we really think this was a surprise to President Trump and his military intelligence support group? Of course not. It doesn’t matter what we believe about the military intelligence operation called Q, fact is they accurately predicted everything that has happened so far.

They warned the patriots that Biden would be president, that a necessary scare event would occur, that we had to walk through the dark in order to see the light, that the elections would be stolen, and that a foreign entity would take control of the White House. Even the attack on Congress and impeachment attempt was predicted.

It’s for a reason that Q kept saying: ‘Trust the plan’ and ‘Nothing can stop what is coming’.

These military intelligence patriots and God fearing freedom fighters have been preparing the take down of the corrupt power structure for decades. They are – as far as I have been able to discern – among the most intelligent and wise people on the face of the earth. They claim to have access to all the information in this world, and see and hear everything the elite is doing.

Of course the election theft was part of their plan. They knew what the wicked were preparing. George Soros made it plain and clear during his speech at the World Economic Forum:

‘Trump is a threat that will disappear in 2020’.

What is happening now? Can Trump personally reveal all the evidence for the election steal? Of course not. He would simply be accused of lying, and many Americans would hate him even more. So what is Trump doing? He is allowing the people of America to expose the evidence for the election steal. He stepped aside, as if he ‘accepts’ the election results, and meanwhile Mike Lindell is producing epic documentaries that prove how the elections have been stolen. BAM!

Trump cannot be accused of refusing to accept his ‘loss’, and independent citizens are doing the work.

Another element of allowing the election steal, is that this causes all corrupt politicians to reveal themselves. So now Trump sees all the true faces, and he knows who was a traitor all along. All the corruption is being exposed.

All by all I believe we are seeing a very smart operation being worked out, that will eventually save America, and ultimately the entire world.

It is for a reason that leaders from 28 nations have asked President Trump to help them defend freedom in their countries. I am preparing a video that shows this.

Do I like how Trump is now promoting these vaccines, and how Ivanka shows herself supposedly taking ’the shot’? No. I hate it with every bit of my being. But I know what is at stake here. If the lockdowns continue, the nations are plunged into extreme poverty, and the globalists succeed in their Great Reset and the New World Order, that will be the end of humanity, as they will enforce the transhumanism agenda as the next phase. Then this world will become one technological cyber prison, with only obedient cyborgs and robots.

That’s not a scenario for a movie, it’s the insane reality these stark raving mad psychopats are envisioning. All under the guise of ’sustainability’. The only thing they want to sustain is their power and control.

How so many thousands of leaders can follow their insanity, is a mystery to me. I assume they have been walking the croocked paths of compromise so long, that their ability to think clear has been lost, plus the lust for position and money is blinding them further.

Some insist that Trump also serves the dark side, but to me that doesn’t line up. The fact that entire cults of witches and satanists all over the world have stood up to publicly curse Trump, shows how the realm of darkness hates him. If he was on their side, the global community of witchcraft and satanism would never attack him like that. Never before in history has there been such an organized effort by witches and satanists all over the world, to collectively try to destroy a person.

The hatred of the mainstream media against Trump also shows clearly what camp he is in. The media only bash their enemies! Even the collaboration between several nations worldwide to steal the election, is solid evidence of how Trump is a threat to the cabal.

I am convinced there will come a day when the election will be revisited and the righteous President – overwhelmingly chosen by the people – will be acknowledged. We are now simply in a difficult period of waiting, persevering and doing our part in this battle for the salvation of humanity.

And believe it or not: all of us play a critical part. You are needed, just as much as I am needed. You can do so much more than you are aware of: praying, spreading truth, supporting other freedom fighters, and so on.

If we all form ONE VOICE worldwide, nothing can stop us.

David Sörensen

Blev det för mycket att ta in? Nåväl, vi har hela Valborgshelgen framför oss, så ta en bit i taget och låt det sjunka in! Vi står inför de största förändringarna i världshistorien, de kommer att genomföras inom det närmaste decenniet om vi inte tar oss samman och protesterar – eller kanske snarare ser till att vi får en regering och politiker i vår riksdag som ser mer till allas våra intressen än till sina egna. Problemet är att vi inte har några partier som fullt ut förstår den agenda som skisserats ovan av Sörensen. Att slänga klichéer som konspirationsteorier i ansiktet på alla dem som redan har börjat se hur pusslet skall läggas är inte längre acceptabelt, vi närmar oss alltmer ett skarpt läge. Inför kommande val måste alla hjälpa till med att ändra på detta! Vi kommer inte att kunna påverka det som sker i större sammanhang som EU och FN än på länge, men om Sverige vill vara ett föregångsland är det dags nu att lägga om rodret och försöka greppa verkligheten, åtminstone på hemmaplan. Det kommer inte att behövas så mycket för att andra skall följa efter…

Peter Krabbe

Kampen om våra hjärnor.

Dagens blogginlägg är skrivet av den amerikanska läkaren och vaccinmotståndaren Sherri Tenpenny och översatt till svenska av Sture Blomberg. I ett av etablissemanget kritiserat uttalande säger hon bl.a. att ”Some people are going to die from the vaccine directly,” Tenpenny said in the video, which has nearly 1 million views. ”But a large number of people are going to start getting horribly sick and get all kinds of autoimmune diseases, 42 days to maybe a year out.”

Facit efter bara en kort tids vaccinerande är att bara i Sverige har 161 personer dött som direkt följd av vaccinationen (Läkemedelsverkets statistik).  De långsiktiga konsekvenserna vet vi än så länge inte mycket om. Vi har därför all anledning att ta Tenpennys varningar på allvar:

Transhumanism är ett begrepp inför framtiden då människa och teknik blandas,
vilket resulterar i själlösa intelligenta maskiner. Det är en rörelse som gynnar
utvecklingen av en ny mänsklig art genom användning av integrerade kretsar.
Genom att kalla det ”mänsklig förbättring för den post-mänskliga eran” antar
transhumanister att mänskligheten bara kommer att förbättras av maskiner. Ingen
kommer till skada. Ingenting förstörs. Och ingen möjlighet till tvång eller dominans.
I en post-human värld kommer mänskligheten, såsom vi känner den, att vara
År 2012 blev pionjären för artificiell intelligens Ray Kurzweil chef för teknik och
chefsfuturist på Google. Han anställdes för att arbeta med projekt för att få maskiner
att lära sig. På grund av tekniska framsteg förutspår Kurzweil att man år 2030
kommer att tillåta att små nanoboter injiceras i människors blodomlopp. Därifrån
passerar de genom blod-hjärnbarriären och integreras i hjärnan. Den mänskliga
hjärnan kan sedan ansluta till ”molnet” och uppnå en briljans, som man aldrig kunde
tro var möjlig. Så biologiska varelser kommer huvudsakligen att bli ”icke-biologiska
enheter”. I sin bok ”The Singularity is Near: When Humans Transcend Biology” säger
Kurzweil: ”I framtiden kommer det inte att finnas någon åtskillnad mellan människa
och maskin eller mellan fysisk och virtuell verklighet.”
Men om våra hjärnor kan använda molnet, så är det bara sunt förnuft att det som
finns i molnet kan använda vår hjärna. Så frågan blir då: Vem kontrollerar den
specifika informationen, som vi får använda? Vem avgör vilka nedladdningar vi får?
Det man kommer att tänka på är den störande visionen av tusentals – eller miljoner –
manchuriska kandidater.

Jakten på kontrollen över människans hjärna

I förre president Obamas ”State of the Union-tal” 2013 tillkännagav han sin plan att
satsa på tekniker för att kartlägga hjärnan. I april samma år lanserades en satsning
på 100+ miljoner dollar, som kallas BRAIN, vilket står för hjärnforskning genom
avancerad innovativ neuroteknik. Flera offentlig-privata partnerskap fick
finansiering, inklusive Allen Institute for Brain Science, Howard Hughes Medical
Institute, Salk Institute for Biological Studies, och Kavli Foundation and Institutes.
Våra skattedollar finansierade också detta projekt; de statliga anslagen inkluderade:
▪ 20 miljoner dollar till National Science Foundation för att studera hur Big Data kan
användas för att förstå hjärnans förmåga att generera tankar, känslor och minnen;
▪ 40 miljoner dollar till National Institutes of Health (NIH) för att utveckla
träningsverktyg och resurser för att stödja BRAIN-initiativet; och
▪ 50 miljoner dollar till Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) för att
utveckla verktyg för att fånga upp och bearbeta dynamiska neurala och synaptiska
Med hjälp av dessa – och andra – medel tillkännagav DARPA 2016 att de avsåg att utveckla NESD-programmet (Neural Engineering System Design). Utgivet för att
vara hjärnsdatorns nästa gränssnittsnivå (BCI) är NESD-systemet utformat för att
förvandla hjärnaktivitet till en binär kod, så att människor kan koppla upp sig på
maskiner trådlöst genom att helt enkelt tänka.

Forskningens mörka sida

Medan många fantastiska medicinska användningar kan komma ut ur denna
forskning, från behandling av PTSD och traumatiska hjärnskador (TBI), till
manövrering av hjärnaktiverade rustningar och benproteser, behövs det mycket lite
fantasi för att förstå hur denna forskning snabbt kan förvandlas till något mycket
▪ Vad händer om den post-humana världen innebär starka, mekaniska humanoiders
dominans med förbättringar, som är utformade för att gynna institutioner på
bekostnad av individen?
▪ Kommer drivkrafterna för att skapa bioniska människor att vara ekonomisk
effektivitet, kulturell modifiering och militär dominans?
De post-humana kommer att leva längre och vara globala medborgare. Framtiden
kommer att erbjuda en enda sammansmältning av människor och opolitisk identitet.
Allt under FN:s och den globala hållbarhetsagendans styre. Bioniska människor
kommer inte att ha behov av att knyta an till varelser ens av sitt eget slag. Framsteg
inom kloning av djur och embryonal stamcellsteknologi gör att kloning av
människor kommer närmare verkligheten, vilket tar bort behovet av att alstra barn.
Detta tillgodoser globalistens oro beträffande överbefolkning på planeten. Behöver
du fler arbetsbin? Skapa dem på fabriken. De behöver inga förmåner, inga semestrar
och kan arbeta dygnet runt.

DNA-vacciner: Permanent manipulation av människor och djur

DNA-vacciner, en typ av genteknik, knåpades ihop först i början av 1990-talet. En
liten DNA-remsa, säg, från ett herpesvirus, tar sig via en injektion in i en bakteriell
”bubbla”, som kallas en plasmid. När det fyllda plasmidvaccinet injiceras växlar det
cellulära immunsystemet upp för att bli av med det främmande proteinet (plasmid +
DNA-remsa från virus). Och samtidigt skapar det humorala immunsystemet
antikroppar mot virus-DNA. När ett herpesvirus kommer in i kroppen arbetar
minnes-T-cellerna och B-cellerna tillsammans för att attackera det främmande
viruset. Detta eliminerar viruset och undviker infektion.
Denna process är inte utan problem.
▪ DNA-remsan kan införlivas i värdens DNA, vilket leder till instabilitet i
kromosomerna. Den mutagena effekten kan aktivera cancergener och stänga av de
gener, som undertrycker tumörutveckling, vilket kan leda till cancer.
▪ Att genetiskt uttrycka sig är en process i vilken gener skapar proteiner. Överdrivet genetiskt uttryck är när processen ”går överstyr” och producerar stora mängder av
främmande proteiner och förstör mänskliga vävnader via både akut och kronisk
▪ Den plasmid som används är ofta resistent mot antibiotika. Samma
antibiotikaresistens kan överföras till värden.
▪ Plasmid-DNA kan vara mycket lik vaccinmottagarens DNA. Anti-DNAantikropparna kan attackera mänskliga organ med liknande DNA-sekvenser.
Resultatet blir då autoimmunitet, som är en tydligt identifierad orsak till nästan 100
olika sjukdomar och misstänks vara orsaken till minst 40 kroniska och potentiellt
livshotande tillstånd.

DNA-vacciner till djur

En angelägenhet som låter som science fiction är användningen av DNA-vacciner
hos livsmedelsproducerande djur. Det främmande DNA:t kan införlivas i ett djurs
DNA och komma in i livsmedelsförsörjningen. Plasmid-DNA: t kan störa djurets
mikroflora och till och med potentiellt omvandla mikrofloran i miljön när djuren
lämnar spillning efter sig.
Denna nivå av genetisk manipulation gör DNA-vacciner till ett drömverktyg för
transhumanisterna. Eftersom en mängd företag arbetar med biotiska mänskliga
kroppsdelar och DARPA jobbar på att bygga mördarrobotar, är vi bara ett steg ifrån
att designa DNA-vacciner för att förbättra mänskligt DNA. Faktum är att Editas
Medicine, ett amerikanskt företag, tillkännagav i november 2015 att försöken, att ge
de första människorna ett genetiskt modifierat DNA, hade kommit en bra bit på väg.
Om robotar kunde tänka, känna och ha ett samvete, skulle det göra dem mänskliga?
Eller skulle bristen på genetiskt material för alltid göra dem icke-mänskliga? Att
använda kombinationen artificiell intelligens, nanoteknik och DNA-vacciner för att
införa mänskliga gener och mänskliga egenskaper i maskiner är inte längre något
som bara kan ses på film. Vid vilken tidpunkt är människor inte längre människor? När vaccinrekommendationer blir obligatoriska – och 30 stater driver nu på för obligatoriska vacciner, kommer du då att få behålla din rätt att vägra?

Sherri Tenpenny

Tid för sorg eller glädje?

Så är det då dags för långfredagen, dagen man hatade som barn, sittande i mörk kostym, stirrande in i väggen. Allt roligt var förbjudet, man fick inte skratta eller skämta, fick inte gå ut eller träffa kompisar. Inte lyssna på musik, inte prata högt. Dagen skulle vara en plåga i åminnelse av Jesus på korset.

Numera struntar man i det mesta av detta, det är säkert bättre. Dessutom väntar ju påsklunchen bakom hörnet med snapsen på bordet. Då pratar man desto mer. Nog kan vi vara kristna trots det? På påskdagen äter vi påskalammet och drar i oss några glas gott rödvin. Därefter mår vi bättre, synderna är förlåtna och livet väntar på nytt.

Kanske kan vi se en spegelbild av verkligheten här? Det senaste året med sina Covid-restriktioner har varit en enda lång, lång, långfredag och vi har suttit inlåsta i våra hus eller hem utan normal kontakt med vår omgivning. Nu vill vi ut och fira att eländet är över och återgå till det liv som väntat länge nog. Men viruset stretar emot och Gates fortsätter att flina åt oss. Kanske löser vi ändå problemen genom att visa att det finns alternativa strategier, att vi kan umgås igen, bli lite sjuka men ta de där medicinerna istället som allt fler vet kan bota oss. Få den naturliga immuniteten och slippa oroa oss. Bygga upp vårt eget immunförsvar för att klara även det kommande djävulskap som säkert redan ligger klart i laboratorierna, klart att pumpas ut för att få oss att slutligt förlora hoppet.

Den franska revolutionen började för att folket inte fick det bröd som man med all rätt krävde. Är det dags nu för en revolution i syfte att få de mediciner som vi, också med all rätt, kan kräva för att slippa bli sjuka och dö – av virus, isolering, ekonomisk konkurs eller tristess? Vaccinerna är inga mediciner, de får de lyckligt lottade att överleva några månader till, tills nästa mutation står på tur för att ställa oss i vaccinationskön igen. Vi förväntas tacka Den Goda Staten för varje månad som vi får leva.

Gamla beprövade mediciner som Hydroxyklorokin, Ivermectin m.fl. bedöms som ”obeprövade” mot Covid, trots att de bevisligen botar på kort tid, istället lanseras vacciner som knappt ens är godkända och resulterar i hundratals avlidna direkt efter sprutan som ett bättre alternativ. Receptfria piller blir plötsligt receptbelagda samtidigt som läkare förbjuds att skriva ut dem. En av de största produktionsanläggningarna för Ivermectin brinner plötsligt ner till grunden. Istället förvisas de sjuka till isolering i hemmet tills de uppnått stadiet för intensivvård, trots att alla vet att det då för många är för sent med behandling.

Vad är det då egentligen som pågår i samhället? Finns det fortfarande någon som inte förstått att vaccinationsagendan har politiska förtecken och att de kallt beräknade konsekvenserna för den enskilde är nogsamt utprovade redan för flera år sedan i syfte att genomföra The Great Reset, med en i varje avseende kontrollerad befolkning, medellös och utan inflytande i politiken? Att demokratin sjunger sin svanesång och att det totalitära Corporational Communism står klart att ta över.

Kan vi då få denna utdragna långfredag att till slut gå över till en gladare påskafton? Vi måste naturligtvis försöka, även om uppgiften tycks lika omöjlig som det var för det franska folket att störta den orubbliga kungamaktens grepp över samhället. Men maktens fundament är alltid polis och militär, de beväpnade. Spricker detta fundament sönder faller också makten. Frankrike har alltid fått gå först i historien och kommer säkert att göra det igen. Fransmännen har fått nog och inget land i väst har fått se demonstrationer i en sådan omfattning. Macrons dagar är räknade. Fransmännen tar inte sprutan.

I Sverige fäller inte oppositionen vår regering, inte ens när de har tillfället i hand. Vikingarna har blivit syltryggar som inte ens duger att göra lingonsylt av. Vi får snällt invänta att andra gör jobbet åt oss.

I väntan på det rekommenderar jag alla att göra som jag – njuta av en solig påskafton med god mat och tillhörande drycker och fortsätta njutningen på en likaledes solig påskdag med ännu godare mat och ädlare drycker. Jag önskar med andra ord alla en förhoppningsvis Glad Påsk!

Peter Krabbe

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